Thursday, 5 June 2014


Hi everyone.  I hope you have a good day =0.  As for me, life is mixture of happiness and worries at the same time.  It is already 5 months since the last rain here in Malaysia.  It is having drought here.  Even the floor cracked and the green trees turned brown.  What a sad looking environment.  For those coming to Tioman Island, be prepared for the water problem.  There is water restriction and it is already 2months.  The restriction is not lifted yet.  Gosh, everyday I have to keep water for the next day.  Wash my clothes only when there is water supply and worry if my water supply is enough to last me till the day with water.

On other hand, I get some comments about liking my blog and of course this gets me to write more =) .  I am just a small unknown blogger but comments from readers make me feel that my blog is worth reading.  In fact, it made me feel like I am on the 'right track' =)  .

So, here I am today to just share about how to use toner or mist properly.  I wouldn't say correctly since the beauty world keep changing especially the method of using cosmetics products.  So, what I share here would just be the most current trend of using toner in appropriate way.  I am not a genius so I would also 'do trial and error' on different type of toners.  Forgive me or do share with me if there is any more current way of using toner or mist.

Using Toner

What I mean is the western toner-
just swipe at the T-zone and then the U-zone

Korean toner& Japanese toner-
Their toner are actually different from the western one and I am using the word 'toner' here to avoid confusion.  If you want to know the differences between western toner and Asian 'toner', check Here.
So, the usage for Asian toner (lotion) is generally different and for different purposes.  So, ways of using toner/lotion is also different if you want the best results.


1. Use a cotton pad and wet about 3cm of your cotton.  Don't make it too wet up to point of dripping.
2. Hold with the cotton pad wrapping your middle finger.
3.  Swipe your U-zone and then your T-zone.
4.  Turn the cotton pad around.  Use the other side of the cotton pad (not the one you used to swipe) to pat it on your face.  Pat about 3-5times on each area.

It is really fast if you are use to it.  One can see the differences in between 3-5 days with this method compare to just the swipe method.  Not meant to be use with western toner.

Mist Usage

Make sure the mist is about 1meter from your skin and don't spray directly on your skin as it will sure shock your skin and leave watermarks on your skin.  It will dry your skin too!  Please make sure that it is skincare mist as there are skincare Mist and makeup Mist especially for Korean skincare products.  Most Asian will use mist to cool down their face and when they feel dry especially in air-con room.

1. Spray from 1 meter distance (the length of your arms).
2.  Pat the mist on your face.
3. Follow up with other skincare products.

There are no products recommendation.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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