Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I always wanted to try doing different kind of makeup for some costume party but obviously my skills is sure lacking.  I would tried to avoid makeup  as much as I do no matter how much I like to see it on others.

So, here I am trying a different kind of makeup today.  It is actually simple and easy to do it yourself at home.

GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray

1. Put up circle lens such as GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray.
2. Apply CC cream.  I like to use latex sponge since I am not good with hand application.
3. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner. *sorry* I am obviously lacking in eyeshadow application.
4. Then apply some coral pink lipstick.
5. Add some hair accessories-mine is actually made from beads.
6. Lastly wear some white or bluish dress and you look is complete

GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray.
the subtle grey colour of GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray 

Here is the list of the products used:
1.Contact lens from Uniqso
2. eyebrow pencils
3. pencil eye liner
4. Blue eyeshadow
5. Pink lipstick
6. clear lipgloss
7.  shimmery powder
8. DIY beads

GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray

GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray

GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray

GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray
GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray

GEO brands contact lens is actually very comfortable and my eyes doesn't feel dry even after 6 hours of wear.

The GEO ANA45 Color has actually very subtle colour so it is wearable even on normal days without looking odd.  One can only notice the differences if they are 1cm away from you.  The enlarging effect is natural enough to make people feel that 'there is something but again nothing'.

GEO ANA45 Color Nine Moon Gray retails at RM 62.60 or USD19.90 at Uniqso.  Geo is made in Korea.  Uniqso shipped internationally.
Here is the direct link to the contact lens  GEO ANA45.

For more information, please visit official website of Uniqso.  Only circle lens is sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

You could use 'yuerain' for 10% discount for your buys in Uniqso .

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