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Malaysian will be able to enjoy the extensive range of Mary Cohr products in exclusive salons by Mary Chor Malaysia, the appointed partner of Mary Cohr France.

During the Pietro Restorante Italiano exlusive luncheon with Ms. Emeline Leduc, Mary Cohr's International Distributor Director featured the upcoming plans of Mary Chor Malaysia to provide world class training sessions.  One of Mary Cohr's key products is Vital Essence, was introduced during the session.

Ms. Wendy Woo, Chief Executive Officer of Mary Cohr Malaysia shared that "Mary Chor has been in the global market for more than 30 years with many success stories.  Here, in Malaysia they will be importing more products ranges that will suit Asian skin. Products will be within the means of middle income consumers."

The products available in Mary Cohr Malaysia include but not limited to:
1) Vital Essences- Revolution of beauty salon market, thanks to a patented process known as hydrogelification, revolutionised the application of Essentiona Oils.

2) New Youth- A complete anti-aging product, formulated from the cellular life concentrate.
3) Pure Environment- Hydra oxgenating cream which replenishes actions in one single step.  Thanks to Dermo Sculting.
4) Age Sign's Repair- The intensive Cellular Cure with 60 cellular activities.
5) SWhite-Range of Lightening to diminish pigmentation and boost skin brightening action.
6) Night Slimlook-It refines plump cheeks, adds shape to the cheek area, slim down the chin and firms facial contours.
7) Hydromose-Cellular Moisturisation Serum-Revitalises dehydrated skin using cellular moisturisation through "Osmosis" and smoothes dehydration lines and leaves the skin looking supple and luminous.
8) Perfect Gel Cleanser- This astounding gel perfectly cleanses and removes makeup from the skin.  When massaged into the skin, it transforms into oil and then an emulsion upon contact with water.
9) Nourishment- A complete beauty care for Dry Skin to recover comfort and radiance.
10) Epil Smart& Stick Hair- Comfortable&perfect hair removal method with lasting results.

For more information, please visit official website Mary Cohr.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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