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If you are a person who always feels tired, constipation and or suddenly breaking out, then chances are that your body is overloading with toxic.  Your liver would not be able to flush out everything and sooner more and more problem would arise from not taking head of it.

Of course we want radiant skin and having toxic inside the body is not going to help it.  If you believe in Eastern medicine, we actually believe that toxic manifest itself in form of acne because of unbalanced skin. To balances it, we usually turn towards natural herbs to get rid of those toxic inside our body.  Nowadays most people would learn towards natural stuff to aid us in having a healthy body and skin without the side effect in the long run.

Okay, no ones like having acne on their skin.  Usually the first of getting rid of acne is to get rid of the toxic from the body.  In Asian countries, we usually go for herbal drinks, green tea or Sensei medicine practitioner
for something to remove toxic out of our system first.  Then, only the skincare products will work on the skin.  So, matter how expensive and amazing is the skincare products, it won't work if our body is still overloaded with toxic.  It is just like pouring honey into a can of mud. The goodness of honey won't get rid of the mud.


the packet inside the TruDtox pack

the package behind TruDtox

This is how TruDtox's tea looks after brewing

Swiss natural and organic botanical tea that WORKS GENTLY to cleanse and help strengthen our body’s own natural detox organs. It is made of 100%

Content/Net Weight:

17 teabags x 3g. Packed in individual aluminium foil.

TruDtox® is a proprietary blend of high quality herbs and floras that are traditionally used for aiding body detoxification and for strengthening our own body detoxification organs. It works gently and does not contain any harsh laxatives that can cause bowel dependency. (TruDtox does not contain senna; does not need to be registered with the Drug Control Authority; and is classified as food by the Ministry of Health).TruDtox is formulated for safe, gentle and regular use.

Multi award-winning detox tea since 2007, TruDtox remains the top consumers’ choice when it comes to safe and gentle detoxification. Many TruDtox users found TruDtox is effective in helping them reduce tummy bloat and digestive discomforts.

For more information on TruDtox, go to

Benefits of Detoxification
Ö Flush away toxins & waste
Ö Promote regularity
Ö Relieve digestive discomforts
Ö Promote better absorption of nutrients
Ö Improve metabolism
Ö Strengthen immune system
Ö Promote health, vitality & energy

Recommended Daily Intake:
One tea bag, 2 – 3 times a week OR as and when required. If I boil, it takes about 5-10 minutes. Make sure that the colour is dark


Brew tea bag in a cup of hot water for 20 – 30 minutes.

* Note: The effect may vary due to water temperature and brewing duration.


Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.


Folium menthae, zinziber officinale, fructus rosa canina, matricaria chamomilla, pericarpium citri reticulate, rhamnus frangula, althea officinalis, uva-ursi.

Colour, texture, smell and taste may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the variations of natural ingredients used

My skin was really not in a condition when TruDtox teabags arrived.  So,  I am really happy that I can get rid of the toxic inside my body first because my skincare doesn't seem to do anything when they used to work just fine.  I suspected that my body is already out of balance because of the heat and sleepless nights.

I pour hot water into the jug and left it for 30minutes.  The drink should be dark for it to work wonderful on  your body.  Personally,  I love the taste and smell of this herbal tea.  It is not bitter at all.  I drank it at all and at 5am, I will run to the toilet to just get rid of everything. My body is sure full of toxic because I was having constipation problem few days ago.

The results is different on each person.  I was the only one waking up running to the toilet at 6am each time I try it.  I didn't wake up at 5am to the toilet as there was no constipation problem and going to the toilet was easy even if I didn't take TruDtox.  My skincare products seems to be working better on me too.  It is very important to detoxify your body from all the bad stuff before feeding your body with good things.

My other family members wake up just normally and going to the toilet was super easy for them.  My mother who have constipation issues said she took it only once and she said that she doesn't have the constipation issues.  I guess it is because she eats at home and doesn't have food issues like me.  I eat outside most of the time and thus have a lot of toxic inside my body.

When I drink the TruDtox, my body was much lighter and yes when my skin is better, I feel good too.=)

So, the next time your skin is not behaving no matter what you use then it is time to Detox your body.  Don't run to the dermatologist immediately for a dose of injection or antibiotic for your skin. Those is temporary relief from your problems.  Try to go natural first.

TruDtox retails at RM29.50 for a pack of 5 teabags and RM88.50 for a pack of 15+2 teabags.
TruDtox is available in most leading pharmacies such as Caring, Watsons, Guardian, Alpha, Alpro,
Healthlane, Vitacare etc as well as independence pharmacies nationwide.

TruDtox is also available online in, For more information, please visit official TruDtox website and Trudox facebook page. Product are sponsored by However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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