Saturday, 2 March 2013


This is seriously the best makeup remover i had use before.  Too bad it is not available in Malaysia and you will either have to source from Online or from neighbouring country, Singapore.  I love it as it remove all the seriously thick makeup or even waterproof makeup effortlessness.  I was shocked when my friend told me that she do not use makeup remover to remover her makeup.  Lucky she have good skin.  I will definitely get clogged pores and pimples if don't do double cleansing or use makeup remover like this.  This is good as it is fragrance free and gentle to the sensitive skin.
if you are so busy, you can just pour some Bioderma Sensibio and wipe off all your face and Viola, a total clean face and can doze of to bed immediately.  ^^

I do not own this picture.  The photos are taken from Bioderma official website.

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