Saturday, 23 March 2013


According to the Kinerase website, the eye cream contained the highest 0.125% Kinetin and it is the highest kitenin which targets fine and wrinkles.  i decided to try the eye cream as i really have very bad case of baggy eye bags.  i really hope that this will work on me.  I don't want any surgery yet > <.  Last year i got a serious case of allergy after using an eye cream (better not to mention what it is).  I hope this will not cause me an allergy since it is a dermatologist product.

Before:  Look at those eye bags!  I looked 10 years older.

I was quite surprise after using it for a week.  i really does help although it does not get rid of it totally!

after 1 week:  Wow! really reduce!  No editing of photo!

Overall, i think i really like the eye cream for now.  i asked my colleague and she said she can see that the eye bags is not so obvious.  I am so happy!  Finally, after 10 years!  Unless i can find something better, i will be using this eye cream for the time.

Sorry for the ugly photos.  My skin is terrible and everyone knows i got really sensitive skin.

Is there a eye cream you love or rave about ?  Do share with me! i am still on the quest for the eye cream.^^

eye cream is from a sample set that i won from Kinerase Asia.


  1. wah can really see the difference!!! Do you think it will work on dark circles? I have a very bad case of dark circles :(

  2. Thanks for visiting. Ermm, it does reduce the mild dark eye circle i have but i am not sure on yours. I heard that the Strivectin-TL 360 Tightening Eye Serum is amazing. Your dark eye circle is due to hereditary or lack of sleep? Prolong of having little sleep will also cause dark circles.

    Try not to drink too much of water before going to sleep at night.

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  4. Thanks for sharing :p love your post~!


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