According to the Kinerase website, the eye cream contained the highest 0.125% Kinetin and it is the highest kitenin which targets fine and wrinkles.  i decided to try the eye cream as i really have very bad case of baggy eye bags.  i really hope that this will work on me.  I don't want any surgery yet > <.  Last year i got a serious case of allergy after using an eye cream (better not to mention what it is).  I hope this will not cause me an allergy since it is a dermatologist product.

Before:  Look at those eye bags!  I looked 10 years older.

I was quite surprise after using it for a week.  i really does help although it does not get rid of it totally!

after 1 week:  Wow! really reduce!  No editing of photo!

Overall, i think i really like the eye cream for now.  i asked my colleague and she said she can see that the eye bags is not so obvious.  I am so happy!  Finally, after 10 years!  Unless i can find something better, i will be using this eye cream for the time.

Sorry for the ugly photos.  My skin is terrible and everyone knows i got really sensitive skin.

Is there a eye cream you love or rave about ?  Do share with me! i am still on the quest for the eye cream.^^

eye cream is from a sample set that i won from Kinerase Asia.