Thursday, 14 March 2013


This is a suppose to be a cult product.  Well, when it is a cult product, you will wondering whether does it work?  Well, i was skeptical at first and wondering if it just something like the Bio oil or the Palmer therapy oil.

Well, I say this is a good product to have as it is really multi-purpose.  It make my skin soft and it is definitely not oily or greasy at all because it is a dry oil.  So it is different compare to the common oil.  Huile Prodiguise   just disappeared from the skin after application making the skin really soft.  The Huile Prodiguise Or gives glow for those that want shimmer without looking like a disco ball.

So far, it doesn't give me any breakout even when my skin is sensitive and acne prone.  I break out when using hada labo(my skin is that bad).i will definitely come back to this product when i finish this soon.  I find that i love the smell but you can't use it as perfume cause the smell disappeared after an hour on me.  It smell of jasmine flower.  If you hate the smell of jasmine, you will probably hate this.Talk about the versatility, i used it on my face as moisturiser, on the edge of my hair, face primer, body lotion, hand lotion and even cuticle oil.  Incase if you are wondering, it is made with six precious plant oils and vitamin E.  The 100ml comes with a spray.

Well, it is a product worth investing at since it is good for my skin and i don't need to look further to bring everything when i travel.  I am a light traveller and i dislike bringing heap and heap of things when going travelling.

Feel free to leave a comment or question pertaining this product.  I will try the best to help you.

The bottle comes in a glass and it look luxury enough.  Nuxe is available in Sasa Malaysia.

So have you tried this products before?  What do you think of it?

This is not a sponsored review.
Product is courtesy from Clare Victoria Eastwood.


  1. Yes I have. The only thing I don't really like is the scent. Can tolerate it but just not my favourite kind of scent.

  2. Thanks Corinne for visiting. ^^ i love the smell after a few times of applying it. i guess i grow to love the smell. ermm, i guess it is better to apply at legs or body parts that are far so that you can't smell it?


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