Thursday, 14 March 2013


This is differin adapalene for acne prone skin.  My friend introduce this to me by accident.  This is my pimples gel when my whole face was seriously full with erupting volcano.  I feel very low in confidence because of my acne prone skin and yeah, i am not even good loooking......  The thing about using this is that only use a pea size and at night.  Using too much can make the skin really dry, red and irritated.  So only a pea size and only use at night!  Make sure that skin is really dry after cleansing the face with a gentle cleanser.  Some cleanser will irritate it.

Well, it work but have to be really patient about it.  My skin purge the second week i was using it.  Literary the same place where i pop my pimples before.  There are more pimples than it already was.  However, the third week i was in, the skin got better.  However, the worser your skin is, the longer the duration to make all the pimples disappear.  Some use it along with antibiotic.

This is definitely a keeper for me as i couldn't afford clarisonic yet. > <  In Malaysia there is only the 0.1% .  i couldn't find any 0.3% version of Differin.

Do not use this if you are pregnant as this may cause birth defect.  Differin is made in France.

You use Differin like you are using tretinoin.  Make sure the skin is really dry after cleansing.  Then, apply only a pea size of the differin for the whole face. Wait for 30 minutes before applying moisturiser to avoid dryness.  Start slow and trying using differin every 3 days for the first two weeks. Then, if you don't have any dryness or peeling, change it to every two days.  Remember to only use differin at night or else you will burn yourself into lobster.  Use a sunscreen during the day and avoid the sun.

Do not use it the same time as BHA or AHA.

Any of you had tried this before?  What do you think of this.

Not sponsored.  I bought this. RM27 for 15g at a pharmacy.