Saturday, 30 March 2013


My Clarks

flippy seas denim
the white is rubber and the blue outside is the suede i guess.
As for the lining i am not sure

this picture is from goggle images

I couldn't afford Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik yet so for now it is Clarks.  
So, I went to shop in Midvalley because i need to buy shoes and having a voucher does really help.  It is like having discount.  

I was there too early and there was no one inside the shop yet.  Normally i wouldn't walk into Clarks but i would go into Bata that is just next to it. hahaha. > <

The Clarks shop in Midvalley is really small.  There isn't much choice compare to those Uk and US Clarks website.  I felt the shoes inside the Midvalley Clarks is slow in bringing in the new season shoes.  Those new season is already out overseas but there is only few new in shoes here.  It is hard to choose since with that price when I can usually just buy Bata  . 

I went in to check the price of the shoe and make myself shocked at the price of the shoes.  I guess i am a typical poor working class girl that i could never imagine that i will own such an expensive shoes to begin with.  I don't have deep pocket or someone that can buy for me okay?  Well, shoes that cost few hundred ringgit is expensive for me.  My most expensive shoes is just RM50 and that was Voir. > <

I just felt bad as i was checking almost every shoes inside the shops for the price.  Actually i have no idea what i want.  I was thinking of heels but then i can't wear heels all the time since i easily have back ache when i wear heels everyday.  So to be more practical i wanted some sandals but some of the sandals are ugly for me.  I wanted to buy the Carla Rosheen and then I saw this Flippy seas Denim.  In the end i choose this Flippy seas Denim cause it is cute and practical for walking purposes.  Flippy seas is already an out season shoes since i couldn't find it in the Clarks website at all.  Anyway, I am asking a lot from this shoes. 
> <

My normally 35 1/2 European size is now size 3 for UK.
Service was okay.  Just that i don't look rich and I came alone.  They got to check my IC to verify that i am the owner of the voucher.  On the way when i was taking the train back, a woman asked me if there is sales for Clarks.  hahaha  I guess i do looked like a school student trying to act rich.

I wore it the next day and it is comfortable.  I wonder what will happen after this since I spoil my own feet with comfortable shoes.  I better start keeping some money aside for shoes.  I got dinosaur legs since i walked hard and that is why my shoes spoil very fast.  If Clarks can last me for a long time, I will definitely return and be loyal. ^ ^ I promise.

When I brought it back, my mum said it is super ugly?  I thought I have a bit sense of fashion 
 or maybe my mum is from a total different world.  Or she is jealous that i didn't buy for her?
I felt upset about it.

What do think of it?  Have you recently bought shoes? What is your favourite shoe brands?

Flippy Seas Denim cost RM269
Carla Rosheen cost RM235

It is not a sponsored review.  I bought this with my money


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