This Qutie coat will make you turn into a cutie or hot guy!  Hahaha, no, I am not joking if you are looking for whitening mask and fair skin.  This is the product that work fast to brighten, reduce the dark spot that one has and make you fairer.  I know,  Asian are obsessed with having fair skin or pale skin.  This products really work fast to deliver it.  There is no bleaching ingredients in it.

This Qutie Coat promises to :
-Melanin Inhibition
-Double Whitening Effect
-Deep Skin Moisturizing
-Fine lines Reduction/anti-wrinkling
-Pore minimization
-Lightens scars, dark spots & uneven skin tone
-Nutrition Replenishing

It contains 5key ingredients :
1. Tranexamic Acid:
Whitening ingredient that infiltrates into the skin to whiten rapidly.
Effectively inhibits the production of Melanin by suspending the production of the tyrosine enzyme.
2. Hydrolysed Silk Protein
Size of the molecule is 1/20 times smaller compared to other whitening products, which allows immediate penetration into the skin.
Excellent moisturizing retention, giving you superior elasticity of skin & optimum moisture balance.
Prevents dehydration of skin
3. Arbutin
Extract of bearberry plant with natural double-action whitening agent
Effectively prevent activity of tyrosinase in the skin, hence inhibits the formation of melanin pigment
Protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals
4. Vitamin C/Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate
An antioxidant & whitening agent with both anti-aging & anti-acne capabilities
Effectively promotes collagen production
Tones and tightens the skin to help repair the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces skin discoloration due to sun damage, aging and acne scarring
Improves elasticity & moistures for dry skin
5. Argireline
A non-toxic & non-irritant compound that relaxes tension of facial muscles
Effective in reducing the depth of fine lines & wrinkles
Accelerates collagen synthesis to provide you with anti-wrinkling & anti-inflammatory
Usage instruction:
1) Cleanse
Begin by exfoliating the skin by scrubbing it to ensure it is clean and dry. This is to remove dead skin cells from the uppermost part of the skin.
2) Apply
Lather the Quite Coat Whitening Cream Mask and apply to skin in gentle rotating motions to maximise absorption into the skin.
3) Massage
Rub the cream over skin generously and massage gently for 40 seconds.
4) Rinse
After 3 minutes the Japanese-engineered ions bond with the dull dead skin, dirt and oil, rinse it off your skin.
For rapidly whitening of the skin at the epidermal level while maintaining high level of moisture, use Qutie Coat Whitening Cream Mask 2-3 times weekly.

Personally this work really fast to whiten my skin and also reduce my dark spot.  I have some stubborn freckles that was dark because I didn't use sunblock when I was young.  I had try quite many whitening product on that spot to get rid of it but nothing seems to work.

This Qutie Coat really reduces the appearance of my dark spots.  I am sure my dark spots will disappear if it use a few more time.  You can use it on the eye area too and other body part.  It is really amazing.
Here is the result

appearance is brighter actually but can't really notice it from the photo

Products retails at RM 228.00 for 50g.  For more information, visits CellLabs official website or or Cellabs facebook
Product is won and not sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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