Koong Woh Tong 恭和堂
Location: LG-069, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

I was actually surprised that they shops only sell three main things and it turns out that this is a family business own by few generation already. I notice many would choose to takeaway their tea in forms of plastic cups but I prefer to enjoy the environment while sipping the tea slowly. The shops is well organized with simple and traditional choice or furniture. The tea comes in traditional porcelain bowl and customer would just drink it from the bowl. No spoon provided. The service is good as you can just mentioned your condition and the lady will suggest which tea is better for you. I normally get the herbal black tea called wong lo kat which is bitter and helps with getting rid of toxic. The bitter taste doesn’t linger for long inside the mouth. I slept better that night since the tea really reduces the toxic in my body. Overall, this is the place to go for herbal tea if you are lazy to do it yourself.
the taste
It cost RM1.70 per bowl

The five flower tea is sweet but not those sugary type that will cause you nausea.  It really felt cooling and smell the great.  The taste and the pure freshness of newly brewed five flower linger inside the mouth even after finish sipping the tea.  The sweetness does go down the throat and i felt one is transport to an area with five flower tea.  Great choice for those who do not like bitter herbal tea.

 I love the softness of the herbal jelly and it is especially good for a hot day. I find the grass jelly a bit bitter but it is bearable because we are also given the sugar syrup to combat it. The grass jelly does help to relieve my sore throat and my family love it for the feeling of eating soft herbal jelly. Eating herbal jelly is good for complexion and it is one of the traditional Chinese way for clear, soft and young skin. I would definitely come again as this is good for busy and lazy people like me. Price is reasonable.
RM8 for small

This is not a sponsored review.  The opinion here is honest.

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