Brother Joe
Address: Stall No. 2, Jalan Sheikh Hassan, Kampung Sri Lalang, Mersing Town

With a weather like this. It is cold and dry, one need to take more water and drinking coconut water is really a good remedy for health. Coconut juice is also good for those who is having ‘demam denggi’. This place is open from the afternoon but people usually visit this place at night for their famous ikan bakar. This is the place that I usually go for my coconut juice and it is just besides the sea so one can enjoy the view of the sea while eating their food. The only thing was the wind might be too strong. Coconut juice is fresh and it is really the young coconut as I always feel really full with just one coconut.

Coconut juice at RM3 per coconut

Food is not sponsored. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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