Tako Tao
Location: Lower Ground Floor, Jusco Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Seputeh, 59200,Kuala Lumpur

Unagi Takoyaki (Japanese Snack)

The Tako stall is actually full with people during weekends and so I usually avoided it when there are too many people. Well, I don’t like to queue and wait 1hour for my food even if it is just snack. It happens to be quite empty and so I decided to buy it. I bought Unagi tako which is more expensive than the octopus, prawn, chicken and cheese. It is not the best but I think it is affordable for the taste it offered. It is quite tasty and warm because mine was freshly made as it is not the usual takoyaki people will order.

Rm5.30 for 3 Takoyaki in a box. You need to make payment at one of the Jusco counter which is quite a distance walk.

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  1. Takoyaki! One of my favorite Japanese snacks. My most fave of all is Okonomiyaki

  2. Me too ^^. oooh, Okonomiyaki. I haven't try it yet. I would love to try it someday ^^


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