I got this in the October Wonderbox 2013 and I had read lots of rave about this products.

Personally, I don’t really like it as it seems to break me out even more.  It is different compare to me using Differin that will cause purging effect.  This is not suppose to cause purging effect.  I thought it was just me alone but the moment I stop using, the acne stop popping out too. +(  I think I am allergic to one of the ingredients inside.
I tried the cleanser both ways. One is to rub it on the wet since and wash it away after 15minutes.  The second method is to use as overnight mask.  It broke me out so I was quite upset since I have high hopes that it will work.
The only nice thing I can say about it the cleanser give me the cooling effects on my skin.  It will tingle if you have broken skin.  I guess this is not suitable for sensitive skin like me.

The refining cream smell like some strong Chinese oil and I don’t like the smell.  It does decrease the acne problems I have but after a week some pop out so I was kind of upset.
Overall, won’t try it again.

I think my favourites for battling acne is still the aspirin mask, Differin, Nixoderm and T3 Mycin.

Products retails at

Dermedex BIO'TOX CLEANSER RM120.00
Dermedex REFINING CREAM 2 RM165.00

Product are not sponsored.  You could buy it from this website .  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.