the one from the left is tomato, fish rolls, tofu and zucchini

garlic with spinach to be like Popeye the sailorman

this is homemade sambal without the chilli seeds.  It contains olive oil and many other herbs.

Hi, I am back with recommendation of healthy food for a slim body and to look young.  Have lunch like a Prince and this is one of the menu that I usually eat at home.  Well, I am picky but I can't stand to starve myself even for a day.  So, if it comes to worse, I would just eat fruits.

Normally, my mum doesn't cook chicken and other red meat.  Her favourite is only fishes everyday.  Still, I am wearing glasses and I think it would be worse if I don't eat fish everyday.  I guess it is because of genetic build that both of my parents wear glasses and so I do.  Yeah, I look like a nerd wearing glasses but oh well.. it doesn't matter.

The Fish rolls that you see above is a mixture of fish, green peas,carrots and wrap with tofu skin and bake inside the oven.  It is actually a traditional Hokkien food that only appears during Chinese New Year.  My mum make some changes to it to make it more healthy.  My saliva will drip every time my mum cook this.  Yeah, am not joking.  The number of my favourite food can be counted with my 10 fingers.  SO picky right?

People said that Mediterranean diet is good for a healthy body and skin.  When I think about it, it looks like my daily food.  So, that is why I wonder if that is the reason that I do look younger than my real age.  Yeah, it sound like I am bragging but it works and my skin would wreck havoc on me when I stray from my normal diet.

A diet that is high in vegetables, fishes and fruits is good for a health body.  One doesn't need to starve to get a slim body.  That is what I called torture.  I am definitely not a believer of pain for the sake of beauty.  Being slim does not mean stick thin but healthy body and young looking skin.  It is important to be careful of the food intake and also using good products but not necessary expensive products to have achieve good skin.  One may blame on it all on genetics but that is only 50%.  The another 50% comes from habits.  My family father and mother side are also mostly XL or XXL but we are thin due to cultivating healthy habit in us since young.

Of course it hard to resist those beautiful cakes, fried chicken and such but health is not like rocket science.  You can't build it in one day.

Well, who don't want a healthy skin that is radiant like Koreans right?

The food here is cooked by my mum and is not from any other restaurant available. It is not a sponsored food review.
What I said here is also not to demoralise anyone or anybody.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.