Saturday, 26 September 2015



I am really excited to share with you on some skincare tips I got from watching some of the Korean beauty shows.  Some of it are really useful and I have personally tried it myself.  For the past months, I have been under the weather and thus fewer posts XP. (lack of motivation)

Along that, I was actually thinking if anyone cares at all.  I think I wouldn't still be writing if not for readers who say they love, care and find my blog helpful.  Thank you again for patronising my blog and also leave comments.

So, while I feel motivated to write, I decided to share this skincare tips.  I already wrote about skincare tip and skincare tips2 so do check it out.

I am horrible in doing makeup and that is the reason I care more about using skincare products and the techniques.  I prefer to go out bare face than do the 'no makeup look'.

1.  The whitening pack mask-using powered red beans+ water and leave it on the face for 30 minutes.

2.  The cleansing- add aloe vera to the foam cleanser for a better clean and calm the acne/trouble skin.

3. Apple mask-apply the grated apple on the skin for 2minutes to peel the skin.  sensitive skin can wash of after 1min

4. Vitamin C- use vitamin C serum after the peeling. some use the vitamin C from body shop.  I love this Vitamin C serum from Korea.use vitamin at night or you will risk getting pigmentation and dark spots.

5.  Massage your face and neck for better absorption of skincare.

6.  Beer for soaking your feet to remove dead skin

7.  You can actually mix two types of cleanser for better cleansing.  Saw the girl actually mix a pore cleanser with a hydrating cleanser.

8.  Vitamin E doesn't really help with the scars.  Some people can get irritated by it.

It is just sharing here.  Opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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