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Thanks for staying with me.  I was sick for the past few weeks and have not recovered yet.   Today, just wanted to share about this new header and template.

great skin&life blog header

Do you like my new template and header?  I know that for the past few years I have been using some free header and template.  I lost the photoshop software along with the laptop.  Besides, I am not good in editing my photos so that is one of the reason that many has to bear with my ugly header for quite some time until someone told me that many bloggers around the world are using the same header.  Thus, I changed it to a another header temporary until I come up with this one.

Thanks to readers who leave lovely comments in my blog and brands that has been very kind to me too.

I had messed up a lot of my previous free template so I have decided to discard it.  It was quite hard working with a free template and it took me a month to fix that up.

Currently, I am just using one of the simple blogger template. I edited, changes and add in some build in. It is easier to work with the template that blogger offer than with some free templates that only allows you to edit in HTML codes which just look like bunches of foreign language to me. > <

Do let me know if my blog is working fine or if you would like me to change the font or size for easier reading. I am not sure how it looks for your.

I am not a programmer and many of the changes are made with help from googling.  Some tips offer in some site doesn't work.  I added the drop down box but still figuring out how to actually link it without using the labels. Unlike Wordpress, Blogger doesn't have many function to offer.

If anyone wanted to edit their template, consider the concept, header, colours and words.  I think that itself has taken me quite a lot of time to just work on that.  Make sure you do put lots of thoughts into your header.

So, here it is. Hopefully you will like it.

No product or service review here.  Opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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