Monday, 26 January 2015


Hi, I think I am just going to share what I have in makeup bag for a change.  If you are interested in what I have in my makeup bag, read on.

This is a bag from the beauty bag in Malaysia.  Bag of love is one of the beauty boxes in Malaysia.  I don't know what happened to others but this Bag of love is sure love by others.  Mimi, the founder came out with new design every subscriptions.  I like this edition of bag for the simple design.  I am not much of a frilly person.

Here are the products that I have in my makeup bag.  Here are some of the products that I am currently using.  What I have in the makeup bag changes from time to time but the essentials are still the same.  I need tissues to blot my oil, face mist or carbonated water, lip products(it can be any since girls have lots of lip products) , eyebrow pencil and powder.

I don't carry BB or CC cream because I don't like using my fingers to apply.  I have lack of skills and only sponge works for me.  So, I can't never understand how others are able to have flawless makeup using fingers or brush because those just don't work for me now.

My lips crack all the times so it is a must for me to carry lipbalm because it is not nice to be seen with dry lips.  I also have carbonated water or mist in the bag because when it is hot and I just need something to spray on.

Sorry to disappoint you because I sure don't carry my whole lots of makeup bag to work because for me my bag has to be as light as possible because I am just not use to do my makeup in the toilet.  The must items for me even on days when I look so sick are bright lips products and eyebrow pencil.  These two are must items.  I take lots of time to draw eyeliner and put on foundation so usually I skip those if I am short of time in the morning.

I have review some of the products and some I haven't.  There is no specific reasons I haven't review them yet but if you want me to review them, let me know.

MAC Studio Careblend pressed powder
Melvita Organic Rose mist
Kiss Me Eyebrow pencil
Mentholatum Lip Pure fragrance free

The product are not sponsored.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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