Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hi gorgeous,
This is a random post about my life.  More like talking about what I eat.  It might bore you so if you are interested in reading about fruits and diet read on. Otherwise, just close this post.

This is a papaya.  I know no papaya looks like this but this papaya looks like a watermelon here.

yeah, papaya in gold colour!  Looks like honeydew but this is not honey dew.

Finish my papaya. Yummm...

This is actually a papaya but I know it looks so huge and I don’t know where I get the seeds. It happens that seeds was brought by some birds that happens to ‘visit’ behind the house.  All my papaya trees just died off because some neighbour’s cats or animal just trespassed at the back of my house.  I guess I should thank The Big Man for leaving this fabulous papaya trees when others had died.
I really mean it because the taste is absolute sweet and the colour is gold orange.  It is not yellow or red like the usual papaya I have eaten.  I have been waiting for more than 6months for this papaya and we got three from the tree before the flood came to destroy the trees.  So, always enjoy it before it is taken away from you.
Sometimes, I do feel upset just like everyone else when we don’t get what we want but who knows what could happen to be on our way.  Just like all my papaya trees die but suddenly one papaya trees happened to just raised from the poop from birds.  Unexpected things happen when we least think it will.

Opps, sorry.  I am supposed to be talking about diet here and here I rambled off so much.  Papaya is very good for digestion and it contains lots of good vitamin for skin so having daily papaya is good to help getting rid of toxic in your body.  It also can keep the stomach full because it has lots of juice in it.  I prefer to just scoop the papaya with spoon instead of making it into juice.

During my teenage time, some girls like to drink papaya milk because it was rumored to make the bust bigger.  I don’t know but I am allergic to milk so avoid that as far as possible.

Food is  not sponsored. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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