Friday, 23 January 2015


Someone asked me “if it is okay to use different kind of brands” because the sales girl said that she should only use the products from entire line.  Here is what I think.


Not Buying one brand

The truth is I don’t buy the whole range of skincare products from just one brand.


- I finish my skincare products at different rates and I don’t like to stick to just one brand for all the skincare products that I use. I can’t just buy cleanser, toner, emulsion, mask, eye cream, mist, serum, essence and everything else from the same brands over again for 3 years. Sorry, my skin is just not that loyal.

-blame it on the advertisement or people raving about it as I would want to get ONLY the fame products thus the reason I can’t be forever loyal to one brand.

-I usually look for alternative of product for certain skincare products that I can’t find in Malaysia which makes the reason that I can’t stick to just one brand.

-I don’t want to risk my skin by spending so much of money for the whole set of brand new skincare products when I can just buy one to try. That way, it lessen my risk of getting allergic as I know I only add in one product to my whole skincare regime. Of course you need to read up the ingredients in the skincare products and know your skin type.

- Usually my skin doesn’t necessarily like everything from the same brand. Some works wonderful but some break me out. So, I usually choose a mixture of products from different skincare brands based on the ingredients and my skin condition.

Who said that we must use everything from the same range and the same brand? I think not buying everything from just one brand gives me more opportunities to explore more brands and skincare products. I haven’t found a brand that has everything that I truly like so it is hard to just say “Yes” to one brand forever.

Be loyal to just one brand

Reasons to be loyal:

-If you are new to skincare products and don’t know which brand suit you, it is probably advisable to start with a brand instead of trying to ‘mix &match’. You will end up with lesser problem.

-well, if everything works fine and it suits your skin, then why change right?

-well, if you have the money and think that the products work in sync with each other of the same brand better. This is for those who are not sure about the ingredients in the skincare brands so to be safer, get everything from the same range and the same brand.

So, overall it bounds to preference and your knowledge of skincare products. I don’t find any reason to get married to one brand FOREVER given the cosmetics technologies, the ever changing weather and your skin. Moreover, there are always reviews online where we can read up before we buy them for usage. I think the main reason is to be more educated in cosmetics than just simply buy whatever sales girl recommend.

So, what do you think? Buy everything from one brand or a mixture of brands?

No products recommendation here and it is not to bash any brands here.  My opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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  1. Thank you Tiana! I tried using all the same products from the entire line and a mixture of products from different brands. The results is the same as yours. I find mixing products from different brands/lines works better for me. I can't stick to just one brand


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