Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The last i wrote about Senka Hoshitsu lotion R which is a great product.  Now, i am going to write about Senka Hoshitsu lotion S since they were so nice.

Senka Hoshitsu lotion S is the one with white cap.  It is for combination and oily skin.  Lotion S is more watery compare to lotion R.  Lotion R is a slightly  thicker.  Both lotion is clear with no fragrance.  When i apply it on my skin, Lotion S absorb much faster compare to the Hada Labo hyaluronic acid  moisturising lotion.  Besides, it left me with a cooling feeling.  Hada Labo doesn't have that cooling feeling.  Overall, more lightweight, cooling and absorb faster into the skin.  I don't even need to pat so many times into my skin.  The moisture last on my skin the whole day.

You can even use it as mask.  Those with combination would prefer Lotion S as it is really more lightweight like water but the moisture last long on the skin.  Lotion R may feel a little sticky on combination skin like mine.  You do not even need to layer other things on the skin after using lotion S.  I love to use it as mask cause it really cooling and comfortable. Considering that it is 220ml for only 39.90.  Isn't that cool since you won't need to buy toner + essence + serum + moisturiser + mask ?  Save you a lot of money in the long run too.  If you have dry skin but got the Lotion S, it is okay as you can just pat more or leave the cotton pad on the skin for 1min to let the moisturise seeps into the skin.  Personally i prefer Lotion S than Lotion R.

It is a great product for travelling.  If you are into whitening, you can try the Blue bottle which is called whitening lotion.  I am not really into whitening/brightening products since i have acne prone skin although i want fairer and brighter skin.  Who doesn't want porcelain skin right?

The good thing about product like Senka Hoshitsu Lotion S is it save the effort to bring so many things when you are travelling.  I have a hard time thinking of what to bring for my skincare each time so one bottle that does all are really easy.  I prefer to travel light and not carry many things.  If i could, i don't even want to bring any makeup for travelling.

Made in Japan Shiseido
For more information, please visit official website. is from Senka Malaysia .
You can find them in selected Watson stores.  Retails at RM 39.90 per bottle (220 ml)

Product are courtesy of Senka Malaysia

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