Taking care of skin is really not easy especially when we do not have good genes to born with.  Yeah, of course i envy those people that only need to just use plain water on their face and still have flawless skin!  Of course, i wish my skin that my skin is flawless, soft and porcelain but unfortunately no. *sob* .

So, besides doing all the skincare routine and using the skincare suitable for skin, i do avoid some certain food like eating too much of meat.  I still love "fried chicken" though.  So, here is some food that i found out should be avoided eaten in large quantity.  Well, taking everything in large quantity is never good for our body right?

Well, milk is good for babies and our bones but not our skin.  Apparently, high consumption of milk can cause acne.  It will cause the skin to create more sebum and thus cause more clogged pores.  So, when the pores are clogged up, acne pop up.  So, just drink 8glasses of water everyday and do not overload your body with milk.   Your skin hates milk.


Processed sugar can cause a lot of problems for our skin.  Not only sugar can cause diabetes and cause acne and also make you look older!   High consumption of sugar will break down the collagen inside the skin.  So, if you want to stay and look younger than your real age, you would have no choice but to reduce the consumption of sugar but do not skip sugar totally.  Opt for fresh fruits if you need any sugary treats rather than gobbled up the whole cheese cake.  Well, who could resist dessert like macaroons once in awhile right?


Apparently, consuming white bread, rice and pasta and in large quantity cause the body to release insulin and  also cause the hormones that cause pimples to wake up as well =P  .  Bad for the skin.  Yeah, recently that i stop consuming so much of rice due to aging(i can't eat as much as i did ) i do realise that my skin wasn't so much pimply as before.  White is also not good for those that wanted to stay slim as well.  Go for wholemeal bread for breakfast instead.

There is no evidence that chocolates cause acne unless you love those with milk and sugar inside.  I love dark chocolates and eating a lot of them does not ever cause me to break out so i guess the myth about chocolates causing acne is not true at all.

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