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This is one of the products i got from the Bag of Love April 2013

This deluxe comes in tube.  I was a bit skeptical as i do not use cream moisturiser since i got combination skin but since this Decleor smell so nice, i just couldn't help but put some on my face.  It is moisturizing though and does not make me feel oily. I only use pea size for the whole face since it will be too oily if i use too much and it is better not to waste good things.  15ml also cost around RM80.  I would consider buying if it is seriously make me look 10 years younger .  > <   Well, after all who wants to look their age right? 

Decleor is brand that comes from France and it is know for the organic products and Hydra floral is one of their latest range.  They are also famous for their AROMESSENCE which is a form of aromatheraphy facial.  Their latest range would be the Hydra Floral Multi-protection.

This is the cream.  Looks a bit thick.  See my dry hand?

This after applying the cream.  It looks transparent with hint of translucency right?

Overall, the smell is nice, moisturizing and really comfortable.  I do not use much as my skin is combination and sensitive.  I just love the smell very much that i couldn't help with it.  About whether it makes me look fresh, smooth and supple i am not so sure since one can only notice that when using it for one month.  I do not believe any fast track for a good looking skin.  If there is, please tell me(without breaking my bank)  cause i am really one lazy bum.  Who doesn't want magic right?

This cream doesn't break me out but it is a bit oily for those that doesn't like cream.  I only used it as my night cream.  I will look really oily if i use in the afternoon. The hydration provided by the cream does last quite long.  Since it is cream, it suits those with drier skin compare to my combination skin.

For more information please visit Decleor website.
15ml Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream is a deluxe sample from April Bag of love  .Thanks to The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger .

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream, 50 ml for RM271

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