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photo are from Senka Malaysia: Senka Hoshitsu Lotion R

Lotion S white cap =  oily to combination skin
Lotion R pink cap = normal to dehydrated skin

This is the famous Senka Honshitsu range. Senka is an affordable range under Shiseido Japan. If you like their Shiseido brand, a big chance you might like this range too. According to Senka Malaysia, 2.5 million bottle sold in Japan for the first three months!!

There are actually two types of lotion in this range.

Senka Hoshitsu lotion S (white cap) is for Oily to combination skin

Senka Hoshitsu Lotion R (pink cap) is for normal to dehydrated skin.

So, pick the lotion according to your skin type ^^.

The lotion act as a moisturiser, lotion and serum. So, you can just skip the normal toner. Good for lazy bum like me.

This is some of the info i found on the senka website. It is actually in Japanese so i just google translate .> <

"Micro Moisture manufacturing method" ※ freshness and moisture of class moisturizing cream.

Rich moisture to penetrate to the skin layer, without being sticky,
With hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) ※ 2 royal jelly GL and (moisture retention) ※ 3 combination
No fragrance, no coloration, allergy tested
(allergy does not mean that will not happen to everyone)
※ process to extra-fine into micro size 1 moisturizing
※ 2 acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid Na
※ 3 royal jelly extract, glycerin

This is the photo from Senka Malaysia. They basically cut the card by hand. So nice of them ^^.


Here is the picture of the 20ml Senka Hoshitsu R lotion. It is colourless. 

The texture is like lightweight water. Well not as runny as water since it contain hyaluronic acid. There is smell of alcohol but not that strong. The smell disappeared right after I pat it on the face. Preferable patting it on the face with the cotton pad on the face or you can pat it with your fingers ^^. It is lightweight and does not make my skin feel oily. I like the silky feeling when the lotion absorb into my skin. It is moisturising too. I guess i would try it out as mask later when i buy the bigger bottle.

However, if you are allergic to hyaluronic acid please do not use this.

Just like some people who could not tolerate tea tree(like me), there are certain ingredients that your skin may not be able to tolerate since our face is more prone to sensitivity.

Again, Japanese lotion can be use as mask also using the table mask. I bought my compressed table mask from Watson for around Rm6(i can't really remember the exact price) for 15 tablets. Don't have to soak for a very long time. Just wet the compressed mask enough. Do not have to wet until it is totally dripping, just medium wet will do. If it is dry, it basically won't help your skin.

I haven't try other compressed mask as most of the time, i just use cotton pad and use it as mask. ^^

This is not a sponsored review. I got it through a contest.

update on 18 April 2013 11.30pm : i did some correction to the type of lotion for different skin types from the information received from Senka Malaysia.  Please do read the lotion suitable for different skin types ^^.

another link for Senka Hoshitsu Lotion S


  1. Looks very nice :D shall try this one when I finish my hada labo :)

    1. Thanks for visiting.^^ Do try and let me know if you like it. I prefer this over hada labo i guess since my face is combination. Hada labo is too moisturizing for me and a bit sticky.

  2. I tried the tester in Watson and I would say that it is pretty good! While Hada labo is a bit too sticky and too oily for my oily skin, I think this one is a pretty impressive because it is runny,moisturising, not sticky and lightweight :D

    1. The best about it is it is 3 in 1. good for travelling and save time to apply so many things on the face. ^^ let me know when you bought it and how it fare for you. ^^

    2. oh sure! will save some money for this soon! hehe and Bifesta :D

  3. I love the hoshitsu senka red cap you recommended...
    It helps to reduce the dry patches on my cheeks.... thanks so much yue rain.. :D

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments=) . You are welcome =)


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