Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Just plain tin case

plain opaque white

I used this Nixoderm to try to get rid of the pimples.  This is quite good compare to Oxy for my skin.  The only set back is that it does make my face white so I can only use it at night unless I want to look like a ghost or for Halloween party.  Yeah, no kidding as it will make you look as white as the painted white wall!

There is the smell of sulfur but it is acceptable to me.  However, do not use a lot or else it will the skin will be peeling like crazy and be very dry.  You will end up like a red lobster if you use it too much.  Nothing comes from over using it.  It does sting at first so a little is really enough.(about two pea size for the whole face)  and it is for oily skin.  If your skin is dry...I wouldn't suggest you to use this.  Someone said that their face burn and sting so much when using this so try to use only very thin layer.

Use according to instruction too.  There are instruction inside the box and do read it up.  This is cheap and works for me but of course it is not a miracle.  It need some time for the results to show.  I don't think this product cause the purging effect cause sulfur is suppose to kill the bacteria inside so no purging for this.

Anyway, if you are allergy to any of the ingredients do not use this.  As for me, it is my cheap pimples care.  Make me look like a ghost too >_<

active ingredients is Benzoic acid 6%, Salicylic Acid 2.5% and Precipated sulphur 4.6% .

RM8 for the 17.7g and it is made is Malaysia.

This is not a sponsored review.  i bought this with my own money.

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