Monday, 8 April 2013


This is what i normally use when i pop my pimples because of the rave that benzoyl peroxide get rids of pimples.  Most said that its kill the acne bacteria.  I can't help myself when i see pimples and my hands will just pop it.  Yeah, i know it is bad but i can't help it  =( .

However, i realised that my skin heal very slowly when i am using this(the scars that ones get after the pimples are gone).  For me, benzoyl peroxide is just drying the pimples out.  It does not really address the problem if use alone.  If use too much, it will cause me so much of irritation and also my skin will have one patch of redness and i have to find ways to heal that red patches.

Do not use too much as it will cause the skin to become very dry and more pimples will pop up.  Maybe it is my skin but i have to use it with T3 Mycin if want it to work it faster(the normal T3 pimples gel just does not work for me at all  =(   ).  Do not spot treat.  Apply one pea for the whole face.

Anyway, do not use Oxy 5 with retinol, Differin and other anti aging skincare together.  Treat your acne problems first.  If you got cystic pimples like me , it is better to see the dermatologist for Duac or Differin.  Another option would be Mycin by Hoe.  Mycin is an antibiotic for skin.  I will do a review on Mycin later.

Another option is to use the aspirin mask once a week.

Benzoyl Peroxide bleaches hairs, pillow covers and clothes.  So, do not use too much on your skin.  Of course you don't want to have patches of white discoloration on your skin right?  So, if you plan to use, a little will do.  Personally, i don't really like to use it alone.

i bought this product .RM 3.50 for 15g

This is not a sponsored review.  i bought this with my own money.

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