Wednesday, 2 January 2013


It is again another year and my skin at 27 is much better than it was when I was 17.  I could say that it is hardwork of taking care of my skin and doing lots of research.  I am paranoid of going to dermatologist-partly because I am afraid that I don’t have the money for it and I don’t like to wait.  I don’t like facial too because I don’t have deep pocket.  Anyway, even my colleagues said that my skin improves a lot.  Hopefully I will be looking like those SKII ambassador skin or Korean artist skin soon.

Here is thelist of some of my favourite products for the year 2012.

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser-it is my everyday cleanser.

2. La Roche PosayAntheliox 60 -I use it only when I go out cause I am lazy.

3. Sunplay 120 - I need this when I go to the beach or i will look like a lobster.

4. Bioderma Sensibio H20- This is really a miracle water to clean all the makeup. Just one  swipe and everything is removed. Perfect for lazy people like me. Another equally good product would be the Avene makeup remover.

5. T3 Mycin-I will run to this when I have pimples >_<

6. Lipice Sheer Color

7. Soda Bicarbonate -the cheapest scrub, mask, blackhead and whiteheads remover ever.

As for moisturizer, I tried a few and I need time to finish them before moving to a new one.  I think it would be Kose emulsion as it doesn’t break me out and gives brightening effect with long use.  Sampar Ultra Hydrating Fluid got lots of rave on it too.
The truth is I don’t use toner.  I find my skin the same whether I use it or not.  Even if I have that Japanese toner, I will treat it as mask to pamper myself.  Some said that pro long use of toner will results in bigger pores and dermatologist will tell you that it is useless to use toner since it doesn’t help the skin at all.

For mask, I use Borghese Fango MudPack for face and body.  I bought it from Strawberynet.  I only like mud mask as clay mask is hard to put and hydrating mask makes me feel sticky.  Sheet mask is okay.  Dermatologist will tell you that you won’t need mask but I personally feel some good mask (mud) does help the skin.

Long time ago, I would pile a lot of things on my skin hoping that it will better soon.  Now, I just reduce the regime to a simple routine that works for me.

Morning routine
Cleanser, pimples cream, sunblock, makeup (bb cream, lipbalm/lipstick)

Makeup remover, cleanser, eye cream, pimples gel, moisturizer (if it is dry)

Products are not sponsored.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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