Thursday, 3 January 2013


I am not born with nice skin but I learn how to take care of it after so much damage with simple products *sad*.  I envy those that only need water to wash their face.  Besides my usual clean, moisturize and sunblock regime, I have some products that I carry and keep with me just incase.  Maybe it will become one of your favourites too.

Where to buy: You can buy the smallest bottle at around RM4-5 from Watson, guardian
or any common pharmancy.  I usually buy the biggest bottle possible.  This is a must for me.  However, make sure don’t put it under heat or the effect will disappear. 
Condition:      Sunburn.  If your skin got sunburn red, quickly apply a lot of this on the
skin.  You can also apply this as mask(thick layer)at night when the skin is dry.  Then, when the mask dry up, spray a bit of water and leave for another 1 min before rinse it off.  It will cool down your skin.

Where to buy  :  Any grocery shops.
Condition        : Don’t use this too often or you will end up having worse skin ever.  ONLY use it   once in a week or MAX twice in a week.  Don’t use it if you are under medication for acne skin.
                        1. Blackheads and whitehead
                        -Take a spoon and mix it with a spoon of water as well. Then apply it on the skin and rub it around those affected area for 1-2minutes.  You can use ice to rub afterwards.
2.      Pimples
--Take a spoon and mix it with a spoon of water as well. Then apply it on the skin 2minutes or until it turn dry.  DO NOT RUB. Then rinse it off.  You can spray some apple cider vinegar that is already diluted on your skin to balance the ph but this is optional.  Put some pea size moisturizer after that.

Where to buy  : Any Watson or guardian. Cost not more than RM4
Condition        : There are many brands but as long it is petroleum jelly it will work. Dry or chap lips, dry patches on legs or cracked heels.  Put a lot of it on the heels and wear socks at night.  The next day, it will be really soft.  You can do the same for the hands.

Products are not sponsored.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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