Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I was one of the people who got the trial Sekkisei lotion 100ml and the sekkisei emulsion 70ml during their event in November 2012.  Some of my friends got theirs too. 

Sekkisei lotion

Japanese called the toner as lotion.  So lotion= toner.  They use the lotion as mask too.

To use it as toner: Pour about 2diameter on the cotton pad (minimum RM 0.20 cent) and sweep upward from your chin to your cheek.  Then, sweep across your forehead and down your nose.  Don’t sweep harsh.  Then use the other side of the cotton pad that you had wet just now to dab on your skin.
To use it as mask :  Pour and wet the cotton mask you have and put on your face.  If you don’t have cotton mask, you can use cotton pad as alternative. 
Wet one piece of cotton pad.  Then, from the side of the cotton pad, remove one piece by one pieces.  Look at it like removing pages from book(look at the picture below).  Depends on the cotton pad-minimum you can have 3pieces from one cotton pad. 

: I like the herbal smell.  I am not sure about the whitening effect but my skin got abit lighter as it was darker before using it.  It doesn’t trigger my sensitive skin considering that it is a whitening product.  However, it is not for those looking for anti-aging to combat wrinkles.

Sekkisei emulsion
This is their light moisturizer for oily or combination skin.

How to use it: For oily skin/combination skin, one pump on the cotton pad, the sweep it over the face in the morning and evening after the lotion.  It is quite moisturizing.  Use the emulsion after the Sekkisei lotion.  Dry skin can use two pumps.  If you are using serum, then use emulsion after the serum.  Lotion- serum-emulsion.

Review: If you use the products in a correct way (with cotton pad), you would be able to see that your skin is more moisturize after 2 weeks.  Some see it after 3days.  I personally do not like to pile so many things on my face for the fear that interaction between different brands products will cause me allergy.

**Medicated products and Non-Medicated products are the same for those in the United States.  Kose are not allowed to use the word "Medicated" because of the regulation.

Here are the difference between the Kose products.

Sekkisei Emulsion
Skin goals : Clarify and moisturize
→This is absorbed to skin quickly and keep your skin very clear.

Sekkisei Emulsion enriched
Skin goals : Clarify and deep moisturize
< span style='color:black'>→This has higher moisture than normal one.

Sekkisei Emulsion excellent
Skin goals : Clarify and Anti-aging
→This contains the double herbal extracts of the normal one. So you can expect an effect of anti-aging.

*updated on the Kose products details 2/2/2017 provided by a reader. I am not famous and Kose in Malaysia did not reply to me.

Products are from a sampling events.  The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.