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There are many different types of chairs – suitable for many different reasons. Okay, so chairs are for one reason and one reason only . . . to sit on. But what you do while you’re sitting on them affects the design of a chair, where it will be used, how it will be used, how long you will be sitting on it . . . all of these things make a big difference.

Let’s take a light hearted look at some of the many different types of chairs.

Arm Chairs – found in front of millions of televisions across the country. There are many different sizes and styles of armchair, they are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics but basically they are designed to provide the maximum comfort while sitting by the fire on a cold winter’s night watching the television or reading a book. Armchairs are made for relaxing!

Bar Stools – a totally different concept, the bar stool is designed for sitting at a bar while indulging in your favorite tipple, or sitting in the kitchen while eating breakfast. They are tall enough for you to reach a bar comfortably, don’t generally have a back and sometimes even swivel around. Bar stools are made for perching!

Bath Chair – this is a specific type of chair for people who may experience difficulty getting in and out of the bath from the sitting position down low. They are designed to be sat on in the bath, in the water and don’t mind getting wet one bit. Bath chairs are made for bathing!

Beach Chair – these are lightweight, portable chairs which you can fold up, tuck beneath your arm and pop into the trunk of the car, then carry it onto the sand along with a picnic, a bucket and a space. Beach chairs are also useful in the garden or in the park, they are simply lightweight, portable chairs which can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Bean Bag Chair – isn’t a chair at all, it’s a giant bean bag. These are great for lounging and popular with young people who don’t have any difficulty in getting up from a virtually “lying on the floor” position. They are great fun and can be squished and squashed for the maximum comfort.

Salon Chair – there are at least two basic types of salon chairs . There are the “lie back and have your hair washed” salon chairs which are designed to provide the maximum comfort while the client enjoys a head massage and countless questions about where they took their vacation the previous summer, and the chair where the client will actually sit while the hair stylist works their magic. Some of these chairs can be made higher or lower for the maximum comfort of the stylist, most have some sort of footrest to stop the client from fidgeting and they are generally made from leather type materials which are easy to clean and the hair won’t stick to.  The Salon Outlet has a good choice of salon chairs to choose from.

Office Chair – there are also various office chairs. Let’s focus on the original “typists chair” although typists have largely been replaced by “computer operators”. These are highly adjustable for the maximum comfort of the person sitting on them, they are on wheels to be easily maneuvered around the office and have chair backs but no arms which would get in the way of the elbows.

That really is just a tiny proportion of the types of chairs there are available these days – there are thousands more.

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