Monday, 22 December 2014


Christmas is coming and soon it is going to be the end of 2014. Time really flies when we least expect it. It also marks the second year I started blogging. Truth to say I didn’t expect that I am still writing because I am the type of person that will be having fun for the first few months and stop because I easily lose interest.  I had my fare share of some bad experiences but it is not preferable to mention it here.

It is hard to start something but it is even harder to maintain it.  I know, I always don't talk much about myself since I felt that my blog post should be more informative than listening to me ranting about myself right?  Well, here I am finally ranting here so you can skip this post because it is all about myself.  There are a few times when I almost give up blogging because of life circumstances but I know it could get worse.

I broke up and have to endure people asking me question why "I like being single" while everyone is getting married.  I have to care for people who sometimes I feel do they care about what or how much I do for them?  I guess I don't have to talk about work because everyone sure rant about their work all the time.

Yes, people would asked me what could get worse right? Recently, it flooded and all my skincare and cosmetics are gone again =(  .  As for clothes, I have to just wash them again with my bare hands.  Yes, imagine how difficult to clean the whole house along with all my clothes?  I can't even sleep because I was so worried that it will just suddenly flood and will just get drown away.
I know one can just buy them again but some are limited editions so =(  *sob* *sob* .I know at least I am safe right?  So, at least I have my blog as a channel for me to rant and not bore anyone with it.  Well, let just stop my ranting and have you doze off?  I hope not???

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors, friends and readers. Although I am not from Kuala Lumpur, some sponsors were so kind as to send the products to me and not even rushing me to review them as soon as possible. Thank you for trusting me with the reviews for their products. It is really an honour to me. As for some broken promises, well let just say they probably prefer their favourites and so shouldn't have made empty promises because I can take always take a "NO" rather than mending my broken heart later.

Thank you and my love for readers, who read my blog, commented and join my giveaways. My blog would have been so quite if it is not for you. I started with no readers and it is hard to gain readers compare to others who blog about high end or popular products. Thank you and I hope you will continue to support me. To some other people, it was really upsetting when I received remarks as my blog as 'nothing' or 'bad' as I tried very hard for my reviews and it is not fair to judge me as 'nothing' because there are many others who are just 'copying& paste' and still gets Favorited by many.  Well, I guess it is harsh even when I am trying my best but still be deemed as "NOTHING".  Am I seriously "nothing" or one very bad bloggers?????

Thank you to friends who are really supportive of me when I started blogging. Many of them gave me constructive comments and how to improve my blog. I wouldn't have come this far if not for them. My blog template was actually very ugly when I started but I thought that it was fine and my photos were all very blury due to me using a very low megapixel phone camera. I don’t have to mention that my English was bad but I think it has improved?

Again a big Thank you and HUG to everyone who makes this blog still running.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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