Monday, 15 September 2014


Make Up is the tool women use in order to prep up their look every time they are going out. Make up allows women to feel confident and it is a secret kit for them to cover any unwanted spots or pimple before stepping out of the house. Another benefit of make up is that it allows women to change up their look from naturally blushed to super cute to dramatically sexy. Going for sexy look is not that easy as there are certain steps of make up tricks which women have follow.

The first one to create a sexy look is to target the eyes. Women could start exploring the multiple colours in the eyeshadow pallete and experiment a smokey eye look. 

1. The first step to get a sexy smokey eye look is by wedging black creamy eyeliner into the upper and lower lashes of your eyes. 

2. Then, soften it up by rubbing it in gently and layer a black coloured eyeshadow on top. 

3. After that, apply a shimmery grey eyeshadow colour on the upper lids and blend it together. 

Once you are with the eyes, let move to lips that look supple and moisturize naturally. Women should never look down upon the nude natural lip look as it looks sexier then you could ever think of. To get a natural moisturize lip is easy! 

1. First, apply some lip balm onto your lips to avoid dry cracked lips and then select a lipstick colour which matches your natural lip tone. 
2. Browse through the lipstick colour shade selection and choose the perfect one for you. 
3. After all that is done, top your lip with another layer of lip balm or add some shine with lip gloss. 

Other than that, having a blushed cheek will definitely make you look adorable and fresh. As different women have different skin tone colour, choose a blusher which is suitable for you. For the fair skin tone ladies, a pink colour blusher will be perfect for you to show off your sweetness. While the olive and darker skin tone ladies, could opt for a golden or copper coloured blusher. 

1. Apply it on your cheekbones and swab it in the corner of your eyes and tip of your nose for a naturally blushed look. 

2. For women who can’t wait to try out these simple tips, check out ZALORA as it offers customers with a wide range of cosmetic products online. Purchase new make up products and start creating your feminine look. 

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