Friday, 26 September 2014


A'Kin Skincare products

TNS Skin Lab is pleased to announce the introduction of A’kin, a leading natural skincare brand from Australia, at all its retail outlets in Malaysia from July 2014.

A’kin skincare products are well known for their “Power of Purity” – products with a high concentration of purest natural ingredients uniquely formulated to maximize the benefits and effectiveness on the skin. A’kin skincare products are rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins A, B5, C & E , and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9) to deliver truly effective anti-aging benefits to the users.

A signature ingredient in A’kin skincare products is Echium Oil – the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acid on earth, which is highly anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, thus an extremely potent and effective skin rejuvenation and anti-aging ingredient that is suitable even for blemished and sensitive skins.

A’kin rosehip oil is a leading rosehip oil brand in Australia, owing to its effectiveness in combating facial scars and wrinkles and creating a radiant and even skin tone. This is a result of using the super-critical CO2 extraction method to obtain the purest and freshest rosehip oil possible.

The flagship product in the A’kin skincare range is the Cellular Radiance Serum, which is a pure natural blend of echium oil & rosehip oil, combined with elastin boosting amaranth and powerful antioxidants from pomegranate and seabuckthorn, to deliver exceptional anti-aging benefits - clinical trials results in 2011 confirmed that this serum can improve skin texture by 84%, skin radiance by 69% and wrinkles by 22%.

Finally, all A’kin products are beautifully and delicately scented with the purest essential oils to complete a magnificent skincare experience.

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A’kin skincare products are available at all TNS Skin Lab outlets nationwide, and online at
For more information, please visit official website.


  1. Thank you for this information! I've been wondering this myself.
    I guess according to the age recommendation, I should be using a serum, but my skin is acne prone so I'm not sure if there are any out there that would work for me. I currently use the Missha Time Revolution ampoule and I'm going to add the Benton essence next week. Hopefully that's good enough until I find something stronger I guess haha

  2. You are welcome Lili. =) There are some very strong essence containing AHA or BHA for acne prone such as Shills Mandelic Acid .

    As for serum-normally those with acne and also aging concern will use retinol kind of serum as it helps with renewing the skin.

  3. Really informative. I have been juggling between serum, essence and moisturizer for months and no time to google. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Eve =) > I am glad this post is of help.


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