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Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
Blasting 99.9% of Germs Active cleansing beads and germ killers get dirty hands clean and leaves skin lightly scented.
5 Designs of Germ Blaster: Professor, Fuzzy, Dancing, Traveller & Loving.
1 Germ Blaster Holder (Christmas)
Active Ingredients: Triclosan 0.3%


the texture of BLOOP GERM BLASTER

the texture of BLOOP GERM BLASTER

Aww, such cute design of Bloop Anti Bacterial Hand Gel.Don't you think would love it?  I do.   It is antibacterial and it is really good to bring around if there is no water to wash your hand after touching pets or surface of furniture. I would recommend to carry one antibacterial gel or wipes because just for emergency.

The gel is clear with pinkish tint.  It easily dry up and leave no stain at all.  It sure helps to keep my hands clean easily since the bottle is small and I could just carry it around anywhere.  I do like the smell too because it is smell sweet like berries.  I think most kids would love to use this.  The product is made in Australia so be ensure that it is of good quality and Bloop is a company from Australia.  Their products are really cheap but they works =)  .  So If you do want to try it head over to this link HERE

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Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

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Products retails at RM24.90 (29mlx5) at Hishop.  Made in Australia.
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