I do love fried chicken very much but of course I can't eat that everyday without any side effect especially when it will concern my skin condition. I break out and scars easily from unbalanced diet thanks to my genes.
So most of the time I would prefer to choose Japanese food.  Let's just say that I have a huge stomach and so I went to eat at Nana's Green Tea at Midvalley.  It is near the Cold Storage and at the same row of Nyonya Colors.  It was already full by the time we reach at 11.30am and luckly there was still two seats because the customers just left for work I think.


There is a huge panel the moment one comes into the restaurant and well I can't help but to take photo of it =P .  Sorry no selfies because I don't really like one.


I am not sure for dinner set but lunch set is between 11.00am- 2.30pm.  I think it is cheaper than ordering ala carte.  There are about 10 sets to choose from so I went blur on what to chose.  My friend suggested me to take Set A which is the Locomoco Hamburg since it is their most famous Set.  Once can choose the drink that they want from the bottom of the menu.  Rest ensure that the drink are all good ones.

Locomoco Hamburg

So, here is my Locomoco hamburg.  The portion is big as the photos shown.  I thought that I would probably need to order two but was happy when I see the portion of the food.  The one oval is actually potato.
Okay, I am not going to lie that the food taste so amazing that I am going to faint. Truthfully say, I don't really like sauce on the burger because it is too strong of vinegar+tomato+water or something.  I don't really enjoy the sauce and it is the only thing that I left on the plate.

The meat is actually soft and not fatty so it is a great health option.  The rice maybe too much for a normal girl to eat but it is just nice for me since it is made of multi-grain that is sure to make one feel satisfied for rice lover.  It good health option but I am sure that some may find it hard and tastes like some rough sand inside the mouths. Vegetables is fresh and adding a small potato makes it look cute.


Here is the Miso soup with seaweed inside.  I love this actually.  Unless one is into Miso, you may not like it.  It taste like salty soya sauce.  My family doesn't like Miso because of the taste but it is actually good for health.  However, one don't have to force yourself to like something.

Thin matcha green tea hot

I chose thin matcha green tea hot because this seems like a new one for me.  The smell is actually light and not as fragrant other type of tea but of course again matcha is good for health when you drink it in warm.  I don't like sugar so did not add one.  I know I am weird.  You could add some topping like ice cream with extra charge of RM1.80 per topping.

I wanted to order dessert but too bad I am already full.  I will probably come back next time for the dessert because I prefer to order few types of desserts and just share instead of eat one only.

Lunch set is RM19.90 not including gov and service tax.  After tax it should be about RM26.

This is not a sponsored review. The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


  1. One of my favourite restaurants in The Gardens as the lunch set is really good value, Pity there are no similar sets for dinner. I wouldn't add sugar in my matcha either as it tastes better without sugar and adding sugar would only spoil the original taste.

  2. Well, normally there are many people for dinner so there is no dinner set. High five! I find it weird to add in sugar to green tea.


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