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Skin adapts to the skincare products and it stop working.

I came across this questions that we should only use one brand that suits us as changing can risk “spoiling” our skin.   Then, I also heard or read somewhere stating that we should not use the same skincare products for 5 years.  Whatever the case, I do salute those who are very loyal to their skincare products. 

With so many products, changes in skin condition, I find it hard to just stay loyal at just using one product or one brand.  Over the years, I kept on trying and do find few favourites products bur the quest doesn't just stop there.  Most of the time my skin would go "WOW' at the first tube but the hype stop after 3months or less.  This happens to me because I tend to use products meant for acne.

DO you find that your favourites products stop working just after the second bottle or tubes?  Does this happen to you?  Then, I heard someone will say your skin get immune to it.  Whether our skin get immune to certain products is still in the debate and there are many reasons on the products not working as amazing as before.  It can be the formulations, handling of products, changes in skin, diet and external conditions.

Alternating skincare does help in making most of your skincare work for you as well as being kind on your pocket too.  Most of us usually finish half of the jar/tube because the effect stop working on the skin.

Alternating products doesn’t have to be changing products every month. It could simply just mean using different products in the morning and at night or different products during travelling to places with different weather. After all, it is better to use products that you are familiar than do drastic changes that will sure create havoc on your skin.

 So, how do you know when to alternate your skincare products?

1. Changes in external factor

Changes in the environment, weather and season. Even in country like Malaysia with a humid and hot weather, we need to rotate the skincare products. The same products wouldn’t work the same for our skin in an air-conditioner room and when we are going to an island for vacation.  The same goes for morning and night routine.

2.  Changes in your skincare routine

If you are introducing some new products into your current skincare, make sure that the ingredients doesn’t clash or use them on different time. For example, use anti aging products at night and brightening products in the morning or switch to products suitable for current skin condition. Alternating between these products ensure that you will get the best of them.

3.  Introducing new active ingredients

Active ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinol, copper peptide, AHA &BHA can really dry out the skin if not used in a proper way. Besides, using all the active ingredients into your skincare routine may shock your skin and make it go into sensitivity mode. Sensitive skin will be inactive to all these active ingredients no matter how fantastic it is. So, if you have all skincare products with such active ingredients, make sure to alternate them and do not use them at the same time. After all, too many chefs spoil the broth.

4.  Been using ingredients humectants for a long time

If you are using ingredients such as silicone and oil for a pro long time, chances are the skin finding it hard to absorb other ingredients that are beneficial for the repair of the skin cells. That is not to say that ingredients like silicone or oil is bad for the skin. It is just the barrier created to keep the moisture inside the skin may not be suitable if you are about to using active ingredients such as serum at night. So, give the skin a break from silicone base ingredients at night for the serum or essence to get absorb.

5.  Changes in your skin condition

Changes in the skin condition is a definite call to alternate your skincare products to one that suits your current skin condition. One should not continue using whitening products when you are having acne problems at the moment. So, switch to products suitable to current skin concern and not what you want at the moment.

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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