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This place is most famous for the cendol.  It doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks since it is a Muslim restaurant.  There is free wifi provided in this restaurant and it is 24 hours.  Service is a little slow by the boss since the worker is the one doing everything.  However, the workers are really nice and not rude even if they are foreign workers.  Make sure to speak slow but clear.

The cendol is serve cold with brown sugar as the ice.  Normally, the ice is made from plain white water but this cendol uses brown sugar and fresh fragrant coconut milk. This is sure must try when coming to this restaurant.  The red beans are really soft and delicious.  Overall, one of the cendol around in Mersing. Rm2.50

The rojak is nice because they use the satay sauce which is why the orange colour plus lots of groundnuts bits.  The mixture of cucumber, pineapple, galangal and the soft prawn cracker is not bad making this rojak taste unique.  There is also half boiled egg in this rojak that makes it delicious and goes well with the tofu too.  The plate is enough for sharing with others.

The chapatti is not bad but a little burn on the outside.  The portion is slightly bigger than typical chapatti and consider pretty cheap for that.  There are layers inside the chapatti and it is soft so it is pretty enjoyable to eat them.  Chapatti is made from wheat so it is a healthy choice compare to roti canai.  It is also less oily. Rm1.00

roti canai
Roti canai is not bad.  It is crispy and cooked perfectly.  However, I don’t really like the sauce as I find that is too thick for my liking.  Here, the roti canai is serve with dhal and chicken curry (no chicken).


For tosai, the portion is not so big but it is super crispy and cooked to perfection.  Again, I don’t really like the curry and dhal sauce but I love the white sauce which is the specialty that one can only get it here.  It is a little spicy, fragrant and just an excellent dip to along with the tosai.  I wish they could give the white sauce more instead of the dhal.

mee goreng
They do not have vermicelli for fried so one can only have mee goreng.  The mee goreng here is just okay since it is quite oily and I do not really like oily food.  However, there is the spiciness that Malaysian would welcome.  However, some may not be able to tolerate the level of spicines and would sure break out in sweat.  The chicken is properly cook and there is no tiny bits of chicken bones in them which I might find in some shops.

Mersing Town, 86800 Mersing, Johor.  You would probably need to pass here to go to Tioman Island.
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  1. wow, it sure does look appetizing. but too bad, I'm nowhere near Mersing. if not, surely I'll love to try the cendol from this restaurant :D. pretty yummy by the looks of it

  2. Thanks Nur Nabihah Yunus. Hahahaha, Next time, if you are coming to Tioman Island =) . The cendol is pretty good =)


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