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This place is self service that one need to line up when ordering and mentioning your table.  So, get a seat first before ordering.  They will send the food our table too.

Koswee was soft but I guess I don't smell anything fragrant as the green colour comes from the colouring rather from pure pandan leaves.  It is just okay for me and edible but not the extend that I would buy it again.

 Cendol was okay but not really very fragrant since the green comes from colouring and not from fresh pandan leaves.  The red beans on other hand is a little hard and I prefer softer red beans to go with the cendol.  Portion was medium and they use normal ice and add some brown syrup on it.  There is some groundnuts inside.

NYONYA COLORS dry curry mee
dry curry mee

NYONYA COLORS dry curry mee
dry curry mee
The dry curry mee is okay but a little salty for my liking.  The sauce could be more because I sure do not have enough to cover the noodles.  Noodles wasn't that soft and it was a little feeling of eating 'wires'.  There weren't much side adding to the curry mee other than chicken which I think is not quite normal for dry curry mee.  The sauce wasn't that good compare to the curry mee so this is a pass for me.


Rojak is horrible.  The crackers were equivalent to rocks that I almost lost my teeth from it.  Fruits were okay and fresh but there were more cucumbers than fruits.Sauce was okay but too little for enough dipping.  That is also the reason that the crackers weren't soak enough in sauce to make it less hard.  I hardly get to taste the sauce because it was so little.  I don't think I would not order this again.

NYONYA COLORS Nasi kunyit+curry chicken
Nasi kunyit+curry chicken

NYONYA COLORS Nasi kunyit+curry chicken
Nasi kunyit+curry chicken

I notice many love to order this.  The rice is fragrant and smell good.  It was quite soft too.  I do love the curry chicken.  It is soft and the sauce really goes well with the rice.  This is one of my favourite dish here and would order this again. Hoping that the portion or the rice and the curry chicken sauce could be bigger

koswee RM2.50
Fruit rojak RM6.90
Dry curry mee RM9.80
Cendol+kacang merah RM4.50
Nasi kunyit+curry chicken RM9.80
 There is a 6% government tax

Food is not sponsored.  However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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