Tuesday, 15 October 2013


When the market was hit by BB cream, everyone went crazy with BB cream and now the market are hit by another tsunami of craze that is the CC cream. Unfortunately this CC cream comes with so many names such as cream control, cream correct, colour correcting and complete control. With this BB cream and CC cream, I am sure you are just as confuse on what are the differences between this two. Here is a little breakout between the two.

BB Cream-Blemish Balm focuses more on covering acne scarring and uneven skin tone caused by acne. The texture are slightly heavier than cc cream and are not waterproof. Besides, BB cream only has one colour which could cater to different skin tone.

CC Cream - Correct CC cream will have the colour change effect and complexion correct to create the radiant glow with the help of light diffusing particles in it. The cream usually changes the colour from white to light beige. 

The Control CC cream is for the brightening up and complexion care effect. Usually one can mix this type of CC cream with BB cream for the extra benefits.

On the other hand, most CC cream are waterproof but provide sheerer coverage. One can use them as makeup base. Besides, that most CC has few colour selection to cater to different to skin tone.

So, CC cream is not the same as BB cream or the upgraded version of BB cream.

Opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.


  1. Etude house classified them into 2 type silky and glow. Actually cc cream from etude really not correct my skintone. Just give matte or glow finish.
    I prefer choose cc cream from channel.

  2. Thanks for more information on CC cream and BB cream =). If not mistaken, Etude House encourage customer to mix bb cream and Cc cream to provide better coverage and effect =). It is also use together with the Precious mineral any cushion for a really flawless skin.

  3. I like BB cream, esp the Skin79 one! Thanks for the info! #gig


  4. Thanks =). Skin79 just reccently came out with their CC cream too.=)

  5. I bought this product but I still don't use it. This is the first and unique review I'd found on the net and It's really complete. Thanks

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