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Across the trillion stars along the milky way, there exist a planet named Natta. The nation of the planet lived under an abominable rule where the people must never look the same. They must have their very own distinctive style and character. If there ever existed people who look identical to one another, the authorities will dispatch these people to the one and only Natta Cosme. Natta Cosme provides numerous beauty products that brings out the true physical beauty of the people. These products include skin care, body wash, and make up set. A new individual will be borned after undergoing the transformation. This can be seen in the double "T's" of the logo of Natta Cosme which represents that every individual is distinctively different from one another.

Natta Cosme provide many products from other countries and they always have amazing sales! Fragile products are accompanied by bubbles and really secure wrapping and they also provide knowledge on the usage of the product.

I am one of the lucky people to be selected for the The Butterfly Project Malaysia Chapter 1 with Natta Cosme.  I was so excited and the wait almost killed me since Thayers is a well known products for their Toner and I had read so much rave about this product.

So, let’s move to the unboxing of the products.

The box arrived decorated
Secure and really pretty packaging

OMG, I can't believe my eyes when I see the box itself! SOOOOOO Amazingly pretty. I was surprised by the amount of effort Natta Cosme did to send me this Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner. Imagine how much hard work to wrap it so securely, cellotape them and write my name with beautiful colour pens. I am out of my breath looking at how much DIY they did to all the wrapping of the things. I thought I will just get a bottle of Thayers Rose Petal and that's it. I can't believe my eyes when I see all the other thoughtful extras inside the box. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera Toner

There is even ribbon added on the bottle. It felt as if I am receiving a bottle of perfume =)
There is the pink seal and another seal inside the bottle of toner to avoid any tampering on the products.

Surprise! Egyptian Magic Cream that many people rave about and hopefully I will be selected to review this Egyptian Magic Cream too.

Inside this bright colour packaging is the Suzuran Lily Bell Lilian Puff. They are really soft and fluffy. Well and they only cost RM9.90 for 222 pcs/pack. The quality is really good and definitely better than those RM2 per packet.  Here is the direct link

There is a capsule inside the plastic bag too. I was wondering how I am supposed to eat this measly only one capsule until I saw the word in RED "Please be aware that the capsule is not for consumption purposes. XP

There is a question inside the capsule for us to help to answer. “Cotton pads are commonly used to apply toner on face for better absorption. What do you think?” I will answer in another post as I can be very long winded about it.  Here is the link

Lastly, these postcard are details about the products and also the discount code of readers =)

Alright, let us move to the main product.

the toner is so transparent that you can even see the writing clearly =)

Here are some details about Thayer Rose Petal Alcohol Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula toner

Rose Thayer’s remarkably soothing Toner is made with rose-petal water, Vitamin E and our proprietary Witch Hazel extract. Made of extract from the Witch Hazel shrub (Hamamelis Virginiana) and a blend of other time-tested ingredients - THAYERS Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Astringents and Alcohol-Free Toners are soothing, natural treatments that cleanse, tone and soothe your skin. THAYERS are the only Witch Hazel products made of non-distilled extract from the Witch Hazel shrub maintaining the highest levels of therapeutic tannins.

[ Ingredients ]
Purified Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (Certified Organic Filet Of Aloe Vera), Glycerin (Vegetable), Fragrance (Natural Rose) Hamamelis Virginiana (THAYERS? proprietary un-distilled Witch Hazel) Extract, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water, Citric Acid, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Tocopheryl (Vitamin E) Acetate.

All skin type, especially normal to dry skin.
Click here for the direct link to the products.

Thayers Rose Petal is very popular in the western countries. I heard so much about them until I know that Natta Cosme do sell them here. This toner is amazing for dry skin. Since rose is well known ingredients for dry skin and aloe vera for soothing, I think this is a really fantastic product for dry skin or just to cool down the skin.

Rests assure that you won’t break the bottle as it is made of plastic. Good for clumsy people who has butter hands like me. Everything just slips out of my hands easily. 355 ml can last me some time. I think it is really worth the money and the bottle is really practical and easy to use.

When I open the cap, I was greeted by the wonderful smell of roses.  It is like having a a bottle of roses perfumed water.  The liquid is transparent and watery. It also get absorb into the skin real fast.  There are three ways I use this toner-as toner with cotton pad, mask and also as mist.

how I use Thayers toner

When I used the toner with cotton pad, it is moisturizing and I think that it does cleanse my skin without feeling strip of moisturiser and it doesn't make my skin having the 'tight' feeling. It doesn't aggravate my sensitive condition as I am quite sensitive with products. After using for a week, I release that my forehead does look more hydrated and my skin is not oily. I think it must be this Thayer toner!

Make sure you wet at least diameter of 2cm or else there wouldn't be any benefits in using it. Do not be stingy with products. =)

I also tried using it with the compressed mask on my skin. Just wet the compressed mask with the toner and put it on the face for 5 to 10 minutes. It works just like a hydrating mask =). Put the toner inside the fridge for better effect.

I pour some of the Thayers Rose Petal Toner into an empty spray bottle and just spray on my face when I feel dry or to refresh my face. It works to set up makeup too.

Overall, Thayers Rose Petal toner works great to moisturize your skin and hydrate it especially if you have dry skin or to heal skin when you get sunburn.

sorry, my hands is so hairy XD

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Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera Toner 355ml retails at RM55.00. Currently they are having promotion at RM45.00 at Natta Cosme.

Product are sponsored by Natta Cosme. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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