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March is going to end soon.  How is March treating you?  I hope you are happy and has been treating yourselves well. Do not forget your health and also to sleep well.  This month Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme came to me this month.

So the products in this month came in for that reason and also for the Earth Hour celebrated on 25March.  So let's check out what is inside this month Cubecrate March 2017.

Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme

Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme

Shot glass candles by Candlenutsbynadia, Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
Shot glass candles by Candlenutsbynadia

Shot glass candles by Candlenutsbynadia .  I think mine is a strawberry scented since it smells so much like sweet strawberries =).  Love the pink strawberry look too.  So far, I love every scented products that I have received from them.  Their candles are environmentally friendly and very affordable.  Candlenutsbynadia is the first hand poured candle in Malaysia that use palm wax.  The paraffin is not good for health and environment.  Their candle 120g of 40-45 hrs burn for RM25.90.

The Tea Republic blooming tea, Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
The Tea Republic blooming tea
The Tea Republic blooming tea. The Blend that I get is Marigold, jasmine, green tea and globe Amarath.  The tea is really unique as the tea balls blooms upon contact with hot. Isn't it a nice magic to impress people?

The shop is formed in December 2010 with more than 50 types of teas and operates from Bangsar Shopping Centre. Their online store was launched in 2013 and has a wide selection of tea that you can choose based on your mood, either for relaxation, staying focused, being healthy, or trying something exotic. I am not sure what I got but I have to drink it first to know XD .
J&E Botanicals cold press body lotion, Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
J&E Botanicals cold press body lotion.

J&E Botanicals cold press body lotion.
Their products are handcrafted, born out of the believe for a better, natural lifestyle, sans toxic & synthetic chemicals.  It is really soft.  Definitely love this too in such a pretty glass jar. The lotion absorbs easily into my skin so recommended for anyone who dislike thick lotion.

HowSmooth rest and relax body oil, Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
HowSmooth rest and relax body oil

HowSmooth rest and relax body oil.  There are sleeping rub, essential oil, sleeping roll so depends on what is inside your box.  The rest and relax body oil contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, pure essential oil of lavender, rosemary and peppermint.  HowSmooth provides natural and organic handcrafted soap, bath and body care.  Their products are formulated using premium quality plant based ingredients sourced mainly from Australia.  They are 100% free of chemicals, artificial fragrance, animals fats and alcohol which are harsh on the skin.  The Bedtime range is natural remedy designed to assist with calming both your body and mind, relaxation and achieving deep sleep.

Panda shape eye mask, Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
Panda shape eye mask in Cubecrate March 2017 sleeping theme
Very cute Panda shape eye mask. The design is variables. Mine looks like it has fainted probably out of exhaustion which does sound like me XD.  So remember to take a break and do not turn up like Panda Mask.

Overall, I love the products picked for the sleeping theme for Cubecrate March 2017.  Of course I like the  Shot glass candles by Candlenutsbynadia and The Tea Republic blooming tea.  It is a nice affordable box and you can get to know a lot of other great local brands.

Cubecrate has launched a wine subscription box  as well as boxes that you can customize the content.

Product retails for
A box is Rm35 plus shipping
RM 90 for 3 months
RM 197 for 6 months

For more information, please visit Cubecrate official websiteCubecrate Instagram and Cubecrate Facebook. Box is send for review consideration.

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