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Today let's go to visit a place that only opens at night. Welcome to the dark world of food.
This place actually means Three Uncles... Okay, so must think that now what kind of dark place I am introducing you.

Here is the Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan where they serve Chee Cheong Fan which also means pig's intestine.  mmm... so good... Not pig intestine actually but that is the direct translation of the food. Xd I am hope you haven't faint yet.

Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
So, here is the shop.hahaha. This is place for vampires..no, I am joking.

Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
I am sorry because people are staring at me for taking 20 times shot and still cannot get it right.

Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
Here is inside the shop.  It doesn't look as scary as it is from the outside. XD

Chee Cheong Fan Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
Chee Cheong Fan
Here the famous Chee Cheong Fan.  It is also one of the must eat food if you are in Teluk Intan.  The locals usually comes here because it taste better than the other one(Wee Kei) in Jalan Bedamar.  It is called pig intestine but it is not made from that.  It is made from flour and pork. You eat it with pickled green chillies.

Chee Cheong Fan Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
Chee Cheong Fan

Gingko Biloba with barley Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
Gingko Biloba with barley
Gingko Biloba with barley.   Those flakes that you see is those shredded tofu skin. It is traditional warm dessert. It is slightly sweet and is one of my favourite Cantonese dessert (tong sui).  Women usually loves this as gingko biloba helps with anti ageing XD.  There is taste of ginger inside it to balance out the 'cold' energy just in case there are some people that can't eat this.

Bubur Cha Cha Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan
Bubur Cha Cha

This is called Bubur Cha Cha.  No idea why it is called Cha Cha but bubur actually means porridge. It doesn't contain rice though.  It is white because that is coconut milk.  It has sweet potato and sago.  Sago is basically tasteless but it look small transparent so it is not visible on the photos.  It is a dish from Indonesia I think.

Overall, Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan is a place for Chinese eatery if you are interested in Chee Cheong Fan and Cantonese Desserts.  I wanted to take photos of the price but then the kids are blocking the huge menu on the walls so sorry for that.  If you can't read the words, there are pictures.  It is a great place to hang out just for the Chinese Dessert XD.

Chee Cheong Fan RM4.50
Bubur Cha Cha RM2.50
Gingko Biloba with barley RM2.50

Sam Siew Yeh Chee Cheong Fan,
Jalan Sultan Abdullah, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia

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