I am actually bore and you are probably too so I think let’s go into the questions people like to ask me.  Over the years, I have received emails or people pm me in the facebook asking me these few same questions.  Here, I am going to say what I think about those questions.  So, just take it as a laugh XD . 

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Acne related questions
I already mentioned millions time that I am not a doctor nor am I trained in one.  I am just a beauty enthusiast that have tried through trial and errors that I have found products and tips that works for me. Please check if you have the same skin type, allergies and living in the same warm humid weather.

My skin is this this this… tell me what to buy?
-          I really don’t like this question when people asked me to direct them immediately to what they should buy.  I am not a doctor.  Even doctors need tons of information and see you before making judgment. Don’t just send me a photo and expect me to do miracle with that alone.  I am not paid and if you are only willing to look for some products that I have never tried before, do it at your own risk.  Besides, people go to dermatologist and they are usually prescribe with pills while I can’t since I am not a doctor. So, don’t come to me when you seriously need more than just a better skincare routine.  I think I have mentioned if you have tried many of the things I mentioned, then better just go to see a doctor because I can’t do anything for something that is internal and severe.

I am using green tea foundation. Why it doesn’t help my skin?
-First, it is makeup and obviously when brand marketed it as having green tea, I am sure it is very low in the list so don’t expect a makeup product to help your acne prone skin.  I think I have mentioned makeup clogged the pores. People like to think that all the wonderful plant ingredients are going to do wonderful thing in MAKEUP. MAKEUP not matter what it is is still MAKEUP and won’t get rid of skin problems and care for the skin.  I don’t think I ever said that Foundation gets RID of my acne or soothes my skin right???

I am in this country. I want to buy these things. Get it for me now.
I think I have mentioned millions time that I am NOT A SHOP and I don’t sell things. OR there are these nasty people trying to get free things or scams?  There is link to the shop if you want to buy.  Some people don’t even get it when I already said that I don’t sell things and is not a SHOP.  Keep telling me to get the products for them which I am pretty sure that they are scammers.  Some understand that I don’t sell and usually inform them of the another brand for it as well where they can get it.

Do you photoshoped your photos because your skin looks good?
Personally, I don’t know how to use photoshop. I am terrible at it and I am just using the photoscape to edit the brightness and to watermark it.  My skin as you know is acne prone so I break out easily when I use something wrong.  That is why I don’t blog daily as my skin can’t keep up with constant trial.  Do you know how afraid I am every time I have to try a new product?

Besides, I usually try a product for a month or at least two weeks before putting it up on my post to be sure of my views on it.  I also continue to use those products until I ran out of them because I don’t want to waste products.  I don’t know how to even use concealer to put up makeup so you will usually see my total bare face for every skincare products I have tried. Besides, I don’t like to apply makeup when I am just going to go sleep then after the skincare.

My skin is not ‘good’ everyday.  Sometimes I have redness because my skin gets irritated.  So please don’t talk about good genes because I have a whole face of acne in the past and my father have severe acne that has pits all over his face.

You are beauty blogger, why don't you do makeup review often?
Actually, I only use eyebrow and also lip products because I am honestly terrible in choosing colour based on just the website.  Besides, I rather spend money on skincare than makeup that I will probably just use few times since I am lazy and have no events that needs me to wear something nice.  Some people doesn’t even  know when I use makeup or don’t so might as well go bare face.  Another is I am lazy to practice the makeup on my face so I am not good with makeup.  I am more excited with lips products and eyebrow than with the latest foundation that has the texture of serum.

Are you paid for your reviews?  You seem to get many products for free.
I am not paid for my reviews-not a cent because I don’t think it fits my principle if I am told to write a glowing review even when I hate the product.  I won’t use words like “trash, useless’ and harsh words to describe the products I do not like.  This go across all products be it I bought it myself or sponsored ones because I think people will know if I am just trying to sugar something up or to damm that product too much because I hate the people or the company for breaking promises.  Besides, I think brands should probably take views into consideration to produce better products instead of being smug about it.

I received sponsored products so that I have more products to review or just because I am curious about a certain product. Okay, I do admit that being a poor working person with the whole family to feed makes me unable to spend on things too expensive on so having some sponsored products help me to have more varieties.  I am really grateful and thankful when I do received products and so I try to review them with my best effort and be honest about them.

Another thing is it is not good to keep switching products after products and that is why some will only accept high end brands or do makeup since it is risky, product might wreck the skin and no one wants to wake up with a pizza face.  Besides, it is not easy to show you my real skin especially when it is bad and I look like crap.

So, I think that are my opinions and it is not trying to defame anyone.  If you have any questions, do leave it in the comments section.

Opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.  It is also not to tarnished or to disgrace anyone.

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