Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Blame it on the erratic weather that is currently happening.  My dry body becomes drier than the leather and it dawn upon me that I no longer have the option of ignoring it or being lazy.  It can get really itchy and red that the usual light body lotion just doesn't make the cut.

I was really glad when I was handed L'Argan Bio Body butter for very dry skin.  This is different from the body butter and cream that I have tried before.

L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter

L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter

Renowned for its regenerating properties, Argan oil replenishes and protects very dry skin. When combined with the nourishing properties of Shea butter, it helps to soothe the skin and restore its elasticity. This formula is made with beeswax, which gives it a unique «oil-in-butter» texture that unites the properties and smoothness of the oil with the richness of a cream. It envelops the body in a scent from faraway lands, withdelicate and floral, oriental notes. Thirsty skin is quenched; it feels velvety soft and supple again.

99% of the total ingredients are from Natural Origin.
20% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.
100%Organic and Fairtrade Argan Oil

Melvita Argan oil is a first-pressed oil, extracted mechanically from Argan kernels (Argania spinosa) and 100% Organic (no chemical solvents, artificial colorants or fragrances). It has been produced in accordance with the Ecocert ESR* standard (Équitable, Solidaire, Responsable – Fairness, Solidarity and Responsibility).

L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter

Sorry that i have forgotten to remove the sticker on the top part. Hope you will make do without it XP
I like the screw lid because it will avoid products from leaking out.  The aluminum tin is sturdy and well made with good quality printed design. The design remain even when many times of touch and greasy hand XP.

L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
There is aluminum foil covering it =) .

Melvita Body Butter vs Body Lotion
Body butters and body lotions are the two most commonly used body moisturizers. While both of them are effective in keeping your skin soft and supple, these two products have their own unique qualities and properties, let’s take a quick glance

Denser in texture and highly emollient
Lighter consistency

Could retain moisture for a longer period of time
Lower oil percentage

Suitable to be used as overall body moisturizer for dry and extremely dry skin. For normal skin, body butter to be used on the driest parts of your body or overall  body when skin becomes dry due   to sun exposure, harsh winds, cold or heat

Suitable to be used as overall body moisturizer for all skin types
For use during the night to seal in moisture especially under dry air-conditioned room
For use during the day to hydrate and lock skin natural moisture without feeling sticky and greasy

There are many uses of Melvita Organic Beauty Butters
Body butters can actually be used in many ways:

v Hand Care –Apply small amounts during the day and larger quantities before bed to keep your skin soft. For better results, you can also put a pair of cotton gloves while you sleep.
v Rescue dry patches – Heals dry flaky skin patches instantly.
v Foot Care – Massage on clean feet and cover with cotton socks overnight. This simple treatment can rejuvenate your feet quickly.
v Cuticle Softener – Slather some on your fingers and toes to make it easier for you to remove your cuticles.
v Make Up Remover – Perfect natural way to remove make up, dirt and impurities as body butters contain higher vegetal oil content.Body butters can maintain the beauty of your eyelashes as well.
v Neck Moisturizer – Massage onto neck and use upwards strokes to remove fine lines and wrinkles.
v Massage – Had an extremely stressful day? Warm a small amount of Melvita Body Butters in your hands and gently massage the whole body.

L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
Here is the body butter. Smell of floral and argan oil mixture.
L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
Here is the body butter on my body.

L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter
L’ARGAN BIO Body Butter

The body butter has creamy-lotion like texture instead of those thick, uncomfortable heavy body butter.  It is really easy to smooth the body butter on my skin and it sure feel more like a night cream since it doesn't leave any residue or shine on the skin.  it is occulsive enough on the skin so I guess it is suitable for those looking for cream for the body products but are unsuccessful with conventional body lotion.

The smell disappeared after 1 hour.  The effect does last on my skin the whole day without me feeling dry with just one time application in the morning.  I think this is a great organic body butter for extreme dry skin.  It is sure economical considering that you only need about a dime(1inch diameter) for your whole body. =)

Product retails for
Melvita L’Argan Bio Body Butter (100ml, RM107) . Made in France.

For more information, please visit Melvita online shop and Melvita Facebook, Product is sent for my consideration. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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