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Epure is famous for their jelly mask which gets rid of skincare problems such as blackheads, acne and make your skin smooth after 45 minutes of usage.  It was really popular at one point of time.  It is also known for being gentle and relaxing on the skin.

I was sent samples of the ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser for review so here they are.

ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser

A high performance soap-free cleanser derived from amino acid, hyaluronic acid, honey extract & XERADIN™, a highly active substance with a 24-hour lasting moisturizing effects to effectively eliminates impurities and make-up. Leaves skin feeling perfectly clean and moist.

Function: Cleansing, Whitening, Radiance, Tightening, Moisturizing
-Deep cleanse and remove make-up without stripping off the skin of its Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF)
-Non-drying and Non-irritating formulation
-Nourishes and Refreshes skin
-Provide anti-oxidant & skin lightening benefits
-Provide a youthful appearance to the skin
-Suitable for all skin, including highly sensitive skin
-Soap-free, alcohol-free and fragrance-free

Essential skin structural support, building blocks of protein. A moist agent in the transport and the storage of nutrients, especially collagen and elastin.

A vital cushion to retain water, fill spaces between cells to ensure hydration and elasticity.

Clarifying as it opens up pores to ease unclog, it comes with antibacterial properties and hefty antioxidants to restore healthy skin.

An anti-ageing substance to prevent melanin formation, hence lighten skin and grant youthful appearance.

Offering long-lasting moisturizing effect to protect natural complexion for smooth and healthy skin.

ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser

ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
The samples are in form of 5ml eye drop bottle so it is really easy to take it for travel.

ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
Here is the texture of the cleanser.  The opaque milky lotion appearance comes from the OP301 ingredient.
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
My lipstick, not waterproof eyeliner and waterproof purple eyeliner.
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser

After cleansing it with just the cleanser.

Full ingredients:
Aqua, Miami L-30, Emal S Paste, Amphitol 20HD, Prioly B750D, hyaluronic acid, honey extract, mulberry morus bombycis roots extract, Ablumide CDE, Xeradin , OP301, Kalcol2473, Kathon CG
I actually google here and there but couldn't find the full ingredients XP but managed to get it by contacting the company.

So, here is the break down of the ingredients of the cleanser.

Miami L-30 is actually  sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (30%) which explains the foam in the cleanser.  It is an amino acid derivative.   Emal S Paste is Sodium lauryl sulfate, Amphitol 20HD is actually low irritation surfactant.Prioly B750D is a blend of  Lauryl Phosphate/ Polyoxyethylene(1.0) Monoalkyl(C12-15) Ethers Phosphates/ Ethylhexylglycerin/Potassium Hydroxide/Dipropylene Glycol/ Water. Kalcol2473 is just a raw material for cleanser and Kathon CG is preservative

Cleanser doesn't stay on the skin for me than 5 minutes so it is kind of a waste to have some amazing ingredients in them especially with amino acid, morus bombycis mulberry roots extract, honey extract, hyaluronic acid, XERADIN™ which is from the plant Salvia sclarea L supposed to give 24 hours long lasting moisturising effect to then skin.  Unfortunately, since it is a cleanser, the goodness is just less effective.

Alright, I am going to be honest that while I think the ingredients are absolutely amazing, I do think that it is quite pricey for 100ml cleanser. but since it foams up so will need a very small amount of cleanser.  It does removed waterproof makeup unless it is sweat proof.  It is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin.

It claims to be suitable to all skin type including highly sensitive skin since it is Soap-free, alcohol-free and fragrance free.  It is not unscented since there is some smell of rose in it.

I have to be honest that I do not see anti ageing effect on my skin or the feeling of having moist skin if I don't run to apply moisturiser afterwards.  So the '24 hours' moisture is probably not going to live up on dry skin, hot and dry weather.

I think it is a decent cleanser for those that cannot live without foam cleanser, gentle, remove makeup, smell nice, doesn't contain alcohol and don't mind the price.  Please do not think that this cleanser is going to be  "All-You-Need" for your anti ageing regime. XP


Product retails for
ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser 100ml for RM69.90(NP) . Made in Taiwan

For more information, please visit Epure official website and Epure Facebook. Product is sent by BFF Club for my consideration. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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