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Mentholatum is a popular brand with lip balm that turn into natural lip colour and other amazing lip products. I have been using them since my teenage days and has remained one of my favourite. This year, Mentholatum Botanics launched cleansers and sheet masks.


Our story
Inspired by the goodness of NATURE from the EARTH,
Botanics is a series of Face Wash and Face Mask using only the finest natural herbal essence ingredients. Our aim is to give you high quality plant-based products that offer the best results at an affordable price.
Our passion is to give the best, naturally.

Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang extract is an excellent anti-inflammatory and is used as a soothing agent in cosmetics.
In the tropical regions of Asia, for many years it has been used by the local people to treat fever, infection and insect bites.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera contains powerful healing properties and helps soothe skin at the epithelial level, the layer of cells that cover the body.
It also acts as a protective layer on the skin, helping to replenish its moisture level.

Narcissus is used to protect skin from harmful elements especially pollutants.
 It helps lessen the skin’s vulnerability while making it look brighter.

Rosemary contains natural essential oil that purifies skin, preventing skin aging.
Also a powerful antioxidant, it prevents damage caused by free radicals.

Tea Tree
Tea Tree extract acts as an anti-bacteria, anti-virus, anti-fungi and anti-inflammatory agent.
It is widely used in cosmetics to fight acne and control oil secretion.

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel extract has strong astringent properties that absorb oil from the skin.
It also fights against bacteria that cause acne.

Here are some products recommended for combination acne prone skin type.


1.  Oil and blemish control foaming wash
Contains Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang extracts
Effectively controls and prevents blemishes and blackheads
Skin feel refresh, soft and cleaned

Suitable for oily / combination skin

2. Deep clean wash
Oil and blemish control foaming wash
Contains Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang extracts
Effectively controls and prevents blemishes and blackheads

Skin feel refresh, soft and cleaned

3. Pore refining Face Wash
Formulated with Rosemary and WitchHazel extract
Helps purify pores and rebalance oil
Suitable for oily / combination skin
Pore Refining Wash
Refines, clears and smoothens skin

4. Hydrating Aloe Vera Facial Mask
Multi-vitamins help hydrates and soothes skin
Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to form a moisture locking shield
Aloe Vera

Revives dull-looking and tired skin

Product retails for
Mentholatum Botanics oil & Blemish control Foaming Wash 160g   RM21.98 (NP: RM25.90)

Mentholatum Botanics deep Clean Face Wash 150g RM18.58 (NP: RM21.90)

Mentholatum Botanics pore Refining Face Wash 100g RM10.38 (NP: RM14.90)

Mentholatum Botanics aloe Vera Hydrating facial Mask 1's RM6.90

Do let me know if anyone is interested in the review of their products XP

Products are available at Guardian stores.

For more information, please visit Mentholatum Botanics official website. Products are press samples. However, the opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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