Monday, 20 July 2015


Dearest readers,

Today is just a day when I don't feel like doing anything, stress going up to the roof and people are testing your patience.  I have one of those days too. T_T

I like to draw although I am actually not very good in it.  It is actually self taught since I don't get to go for art classes.  Most Asian parents like mine doesn't encourage it and find that drawing is a waste of time.  I don't get to draw or colour at home so if I do colour, it has to be a secret. .

Anyhow, here is a drawing inspired by my feelings.  I didn't use any pencil in this drawing.  I just use the white pastel colour to draw the outline of it.(just the rock).  There is not smudging here.

I am only using the 6 colours-yellow, brown, dark blue, light blue, black and white.


If you are interested on how I come up with this, here is the few simple steps:

Ingredients: 6 main pastel colour (yellow, brown, dark blue, light blue, black and white) You can use pencil colour too.

1. draw outline with white pastel colour.
2. Use the yellow to colour the rock. Just colour anywhere you like and leave some empty white space.Use the dark brown to colour on the yellow and places near the water. Use the black to top it on the outline of the rock.
3..  Use the light blue to colour the flow of the water.  Leave some empty white spaces near those rocks where the waves will hit.  Use the dark blue to darken it.  Lastly, use the black to lightly draw on the outline.
4.  Just colour the light blue from the left to outside to the inside.  Leave some empty spaces in upper centre.  Then use the dark blue to darken some part follow up by black.  Then use the grey to fill up some spaces between the two colours.
5. Finally, use the white pastel to clear up and lighten up some part.

As you can see, my rocks look weird XP.

So what do you do when you are stress up or what you do for your hobby?

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The opinions expressed and drawing here are my own and honest as always.


  1. I blog when I get stressed but I also get stressed when I attend bloggers' events hahaha! Ironic. Anyway, nice drawing. You should feel proud of your talent as I can't draw to save my life.

  2. Hi Juniper =) . hahaha. that is such irony. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Oh my...I wish I'm in school again. Gone are the days I spend time drawing and painting when I'm unhappy.. Now, there is no way out coz I no longer draw or paint.. Old dogs lost its drawing skill...haha

  4. Hi Khiim. You don't have to be in school to start drawing again. Many retired people also draw for their hobbies. It is good to pick up something to release stress. =)

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  6. I love your drawing. I think you should bring the darker color on horizon line and make gradation. It will be more natural :)

    Oh it's so sad your parents don't support your drawing skill. Fortunately, my parents always support my drawing skill until I got my job as an architect now. Don't give up with your hobby, dear. Maybe someday it brings you a way better in your life ^^

  7. Thanks @Gadis Ps =) . I will keep that in mind. I actually am terrible in colouring or anything to do with colours.

    I guess your hobby and your job is your life now which is really a nice thing to have =) . Not many are able to have a job that they like.

    Well, i guess it just stay as a hobby since don't think my drawing skills is not that amazing or good enough. Just hopefully that it won't disappeared because I hardly use and my parents doesn't encourage it.


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