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Although it is really hot because I am living in the equator, it is especially scorching hot this few months.  There are many tourist coming to Tioman Island for the beach and for snorkelling because the beaches are really beautiful now.  While the weather is fun to dress in summer clothes but the harmful sunrays are not for your skin.

Here is what you can do to prevent skin troubles and to protect your skin.  If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will know I had bad pimply skin and sensitivity.  My face was like a living volcano and not mentioned how bad I felt.

That aside, taking the opportunities to thank you dear readers who constantly visit and leave comments here. =)  I don't think I can last this long without support from you and brands who are kind to me.  Some of your kind comments really brings tears to my eyes.

I am sorry for lack of update this month as I wasn't well but I will try to do my best =)   Thank you for liking my long posts too.  I was actually afraid if many will find that I write too much and bore you with too much information. .


So here is my current tips on summer and for acne prone skin.

1. Do not use those harsh bar soap on your face

Those soap are usually harsh on the face and drying so using it can cause the skin to develop sensitivity and throw the skin balance out of the window.  If you really love soap, maybe go for handmade soap which are usually more gentle and tailored made for skin.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables containing antioxidant
This is a no brainer that vegetables and fruits containing vitamin A, E, K, C and B helps to protect the skin and heal the skin.  Of course healthy skin shows those glowy skin.  Besides that do go for those fish oil which are good for skin.  Try to eat less sugar,alcohol and red meat as those are contributor to ageing.  Do add green tea in your daily water intake because in long terms, it will show on your skin.

3.Exfoliate your skin with AHA, BHA or natural ingredients such as vitamin A or C
There are many types of exfoliate products out there.  I will steer away far from harsh exfoliant such as grainy scrubs and nuts' shells.  Clay masks, peeling gel and cleansing tools such as those 3D or 4D brush are better for sensitive skin.

Tearing your skin is not exfoliate, it is torture.
Besides, it is not necessary to go for exfoliant that contains high chemicals as irritated red skin will just spend its time to heal the skin than accept beneficial ingredients.

Exfoliate skin is to clean the skin without making it red.

4.Use sunscreen and other skin protectant
Do use protectant and go for 40-50 SPF and go for light emulsion type of sunscreen or sunblock as those are for daily use.  You will only need those 120 Pa++ Japanese sunscreen when you are going for beach activities.  High spf actually means more chemical and thick kind of texture which not everyone skin can take it. If it is not used up for protecting your skin from the sun, then it will just clog your pores.

5. Oily skin, Combination skin and sensitive skin
People will always think that sensitive skin means dry skin.  Then oily skin must not be sensitive.  Third, combination can only mean oily at T-zone and dry at the other area.  I can tell you that is usually the wrong concept of people trying to impart their views.

Because of believing what these people told me, it had caused a lot of problems for my skin.

My skin is acne prone, sensitive and also combination of oily at nose area and normal at other place.  It is a wrong conception that one with normal skin can't have acne.  Most acne products are targeting oily skin which made it very harsh on sensitive acne prone skin.  I had learnt it the hard way.

So, read through the ingredients and know your skin very well before spending your hard earned money on products.  For me, I always avoid benzoyl peroxide.  It just doesn't work no matter how many times I had tried it.

6.Avoid eating too much supplement

There is no evidence that eating supplement help the skin in long run. So, that is why most sellers are frustrated trying to sell me supplements which I don't eat.  As long I make sure I eat healthy meaning lots of vegetables, fruits and fish there is no point burdening the liver to get rid of those toxic caused supplements.  I was there and I can say eating supplement doesn't help my skin at all.

Another thing about eating those supplement for acne. It will come back once you stop!

There is no fast track towards healing acne because acne is not just a temporary condition.  Don't wait for it to disappear on its own.  So, treat it while it is not serious and don't wait for a one day cure all for acne because this kind of medicine hasn't been created yet.

No products recommendation here.  What I have here is my personal opinions on what I had tried over the years.

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