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If you are in Midvalley Gardens and wonders what to eat, here are few places that I patronised before.


The menu at The Zun Express

interior of The Zun Express

lotus leaf rice

The rice is wrapped with lotus leaf which is presentation wise look appealing to me. I was glad that it is not small and look just like the photos. The rice is of medium texture and it is fragrant with the smell of lotus leaf. There is mince meat in it and it has a good portion for a big eater like me.
The Osmanthus Jelly

The Osmanthus Jelly is soft and it melted into my mouth. No bad and this is the first time I see restaurant use osmanthus to make dessert. I do like the taste and it is good thought that the waiter bring this the last as we were about to finish our rice. I bet it wouldn't taste good or cold enough if the desserts were brought in the same time as the lotus rice.

The green tea is not bad and luckily it is not the one with jasmine as I do not enjoy jasmine in my green tea.

Service is not bad and fast. The waiter is also courteous.

Lotus leaf Rice, green tea and Osmanthus Jelly RM18.80 per set
service tax of 10%
Government Tax 6%
So after adding it would be around RM23

Non Halal


Locomoco hamburg

Thin matcha green tea hot

I do love fried chicken very much but of course I can't eat that everyday without any side effect especially when it will concern my skin condition. I break out and scars easily from unbalanced diet thanks to my genes.
So most of the time I would prefer to choose Japanese food.  Let's just say that I have a huge stomach and so I went to eat at Nana's Green Tea at Midvalley.  It is near the Cold Storage and at the same row of Nyonya Colors.  

I am not sure for dinner set but lunch set is between 11.00am- 2.30pm.  I think it is cheaper than ordering ala carte.  There are about 10 sets to choose from so I went blur on what to chose.  My friend suggested me to take Set A which is the Locomoco Hamburg since it is their most famous Set.  Once can choose the drink that they want from the bottom of the menu.  Rest ensure that the drink are all good ones.

Locomoco hamburg portion is as big as the photos shown.  I thought that I would probably need to order two but was happy when I see the portion of the food.  The one oval is actually potato.
Okay, I am not going to lie that the food taste so amazing that I am going to faint. Truthfully say, I don't really like sauce on the burger because it is too strong of vinegar+tomato+water or something.  I don't really enjoy the sauce and it is the only thing that I left on the plate.

The meat is actually soft and not fatty so it is a great health option.  The rice maybe too much for a normal girl to eat but it is just nice for me since it is made of multi-grain that is sure to make one feel satisfied for rice lover.  It good health option but I am sure that some may find it hard and tastes like some rough sand inside the mouths. Vegetables is fresh and adding a small potato makes it look cute.

I chose thin matcha green tea hot because this seems like a new one for me.  The smell is actually light and not as fragrant other type of tea but of course again matcha is good for health when you drink it in warm.  I don't like sugar so did not add one.  I know I am weird.  You could add some topping like ice cream with extra charge of RM1.80 per topping.

I wanted to order dessert but too bad I am already full.  I will probably come back next time for the dessert because I prefer to order few types of desserts and just share instead of eat one only.

Lunch set is RM19.90 not including gov and service tax.  After tax it should be about RM26.


This is not the first time I came to this Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant but that was before I started blogging.  I brought some of my friends here before and they immediately fell in love with Korean food.  This is the third time I brought few friends to this restaurant again.  This restaurant never fail to impress my friends.  It is perhaps of the Korean fever?

This is a non-halal Korean food restaurant in Midvalley. They are most famous for the barbecue but because we wanted somthing filling that we had decided to just order this whole set of kimchi hot pot, the rice, a plate of beef and also the side dishes. You can actually refill the side dishes but too bad that all of us are too full to be able to asked for refill at the end of the dinner.

The workers are mostly non Malaysian but they can understand and speak English. =) Just speak clearly. They are very polite and bow to us the moment we entered the restaurant.

The kimchi hot pot contains seafood (two prawns, two la la, squid, some crystal looking vermicelli and lots of kimchi vegetables). The kimchi is the common type which is the cabbage kimchi. I like the kimchi soup very much but we couldn't finish the soup because we were so full. Everyone enjoyed the hot pot very much although we wanted to order the barbecue plate if we could.

Korean Green Tea RM3.80 (refillable if it is warm green tea since you are given tea bag)
Korean Citron Honey Tea RM6.80
Strawberry Shake RM7.80
Ice Water RM 0.50
Special Set RM98.80


This is a halal Pernakan restaurant in the groundfloor of Midvalley Gardens.  One need to line up and know the number of the table so it is better to get a seat first before lining up to make the order. They will send the order to the table later. The nasi lemak is wrapped with the banana leaves and it will be heat up for the customer unless you requested that you want to eat it cold. It is quite small but it is really tasty considering that a common food such as nasi lemak is also well-made. The rice smell of fresh coconut milk and the sambal is just nice. It is not too spicy or salty. The rice comes with half hard-boiled egg, anchovies and groundnuts. RM2.50

ABC is cooling especially on hot weather such as Malaysia.  There are generous of amount of cendol, jelly and also groundnut.  The cendol jelly is not fragrant but it soft.  The ice cream is really soft and melt quickly. Overall, this is average.

Mee jawa gravy is thick and a little salty but it goes well with the plain ingredients. The yellow mee is cooked perfectly that it is not too soft or hard and it goes so well with the jawa gravy. The portion is of medium size and I think that the prawn cracker that comes with is okay. Too bad that there is no prawn on the crackers or else it will be better.



If eating at the restaurant is not your thing then you can try this portuguese grill at the food court.

This place is a cheaper option for those who are afraid of cut throat price in shopping malls. If you are here during lunch hour, then it will be packed with people ordering lunch.  Other than that, there will plenty of places to sit.  It is a self order place where you choose the food and then wait for your food.  There are many choices and I chose lala with stingray. Price is sure affordable.  The wait is about 15minutes from the time you order so I think that is good.
Food arrived warm and wrapped up with aluminum foil.  The smell of the stingray with lala is good. The sambal is fragrant, spicy and savoury which goes so well with the rice. There could be more rice to eat together with the sauces.   Lala is a little overcooked or because it was put in together at the same time as the stingray and so it is was a little chewy and hard.  However, the stingray is surprisingly delicious. The meat is soft making it easy to chew.   The vegetables which is the lady fingers was also soft and nice.
No wonder many prefer this stalls over other stalls.

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