People always talking about diet diet and diet.  Do you know what is skin diet?


Someone said I love to use *what to do* so that is why I have to make my trademark. *shy*  Hope you do not mind it my dear readers.

While I am not a supporter of eating pills or something to beautify my skin, I do go on a skin detox or skin diet after a harsh time.

Recently, my skin was not in a good condition after a week of celebration with eating so much of processed food, cookies, peanuts, beers, high protein but without enough vegetables. Side effect of it? I breakouts, redness and had oily skin with dry patches all over.

Yeah, right after my skin was just good enough to see the daylight. If you experience something like me, it is probably time to look after it.

Don’t be scared, I don’t do anything drastic such as going for extreme measures such as one food diet or not eating anything at all. You could probably incorporate or adapt some of the method for your daily.

1. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Drink more in the morning and noon.  Try to reduce the liquid intake at night to avoid bloating.

2. Drink two or three cups of pure warm green tea. Cold one doesn't really work.

3. Each and munch lots of fruits that contain high vitamin C and minerals. Don’t turn them into juice.

4. Eat plain greek yogurt. No sugar in it.

5. No red meat for the whole week.

6. Eat food high in Omega 3 such as fishes.

7. Avoid everything processed ( for examples: burger, fries, cookies, candy, sweets, can drinks, dairy , sugar)

8. No fried stuffs.

9. No alcohol.

10. Try a detox bath-Epsom salt and lemongrass oil.

11. Use masks daily.  If you love DIY mask, try ingredients such as yogurt, tomatoes, rice or aspirin.

12. I like to go free without makeup for a week.  Well, you don't have to force yourself.

13. No smoking. Duh, don’t smoke forever.

So do you any of the above to care for your skin?

No product reviews here.  Just my opinions on the topic and it is honest as always.

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